Invasive delicate vine?? - pic incl'd

Eeyore55May 24, 2011

My entire perennial bed has been invaded by this delicate leafed vine that wraps itself around all and every plant I have with tight twists that are impossible to take off. Not sure where it came from but I'm noticing it growing again now in full force and it is rampant. Bad enough I have creeping charlie to deal with all over my lawn and now this in my flower bed! Any help identifying it and what to do other than tear apart my entire garden bed.

Image link:

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Looks like the evil Bind Weed. Roots grow to China. I have no idea how to get rid of it. s:) Arum

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The vine is definitely nothing in the Morning Glory Family as it has opposite leaves.

'Bindweed' is a fuzzy term that is used to describe some species in at least several different families.

Eeyore55 - The plant you posted is most likely to be Japanese honeysuckle.

Hope that helps.


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Not honeysuckle, leaves are simple on that one. Maybe Vinca?

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