Some of my new JMG's

cherrykist(Z-7 NC)July 22, 2008

Please understand that some of them may be misnamed as the tags on the pots got scrambled.

This one is Chocolate silk but i have also heard it was called Yuuzuki.

This one I believe is Gray Haze.It shimmers.

This one I believe is Gray Fog.It has more gray and a slight shimmer then the pic is showing.

This one I know is Akatsuki No Tsuyu also I have heard called blue silk. I love the varigated leaves too.

This one maybe Lavendar Chiffon.It shimmers in the light but the camera doesn't pick it up.

This last one I think maybe Morning mist.

Thanks for looking and if you know which ones I misnamed let me know. I have the list of the names I purchased just don't for sure which ones are which.


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Those are beautiful! I really love the gray haze and gray fog!


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They are all nice looking blooms and very healthy (!) looking plants...



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Hi Tammy,

Your 3rd photo looks like Gray Morning Mist, and the last one is Gray Fog.
Great photos of Beautiful Blooms.


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cherrykist(Z-7 NC)

Thanks Emma, since I got the seeds from you. I will take your word on it. My granddaughter took the lables out of the seedlings so I had to try and guess. I also found out the one I thought was Lavender chiffon isn't. The one in the pics above is a deeper purple, blooms all day. I know this know because I had another plant bloom with variegated leaves that surely WAS Lavender Chiffon. So now I am pondering all the others that I don't have definate labels for,lol.
Thanks again, Tammy.

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Hi Tammy,

You have some good looking flowering vines, congrats on growing them so well in this not-so-hospitable growing season we're experiencing in many parts of the country.


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rosepedal(Four seasons zone4/5)

Joesph these pics are a year old... Tough up north this year..Last season was great... Barb

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