top layer of bed- a cover

sam_kx4sam(9B)April 23, 2013

I have just started a WormFactory worm bin system. some one said cut a carpet square and dampen instead of damp newspaper on top of bed.


After 1 week, worms are doing fine and very active.

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I am sure many will disagree, but I love using carpet over my outdoor bins. I have a 12'x18' carpet over my biggest bin. It keeps out the sun and critters, and keeps in moisture and darkness. It will reduce flying insects, allow for great airflow, and most of all the worms LOVE it.

If I had an indoor bin I may not use it due to mold/mildew/health concerns.

For a small system a burlap bag would be real good also.

The first few weeks of wormin' are the most difficult. Hang in there and good luck!


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Well, shredded newspaper will do all the things this carpet fix will do, and the worms will eat it because it is organic.

Carpet ain't organic nor edible by our worms.

One of the most recycle-able things on the planet is newspaper. Carpet is forever.

My hometown newspaper would be basically totally worthless if I didn't use it for wormbins.

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To clarify, when I said my worms love carpet, I meant that they love the environment it creates, like I love my home because it keeps me confortable. It is not food.

"Carpet ain't organic nor edible by our worms"
"Carpet is forever"

These are true statements. I would never advocate buying carpet for your wormbin, but diverting carpet from the landfill to use as part of your wormbin is "greener" than buying a newspaper for the squirm. I love to recycle and re-purpose things. I also like thinking "outside the box"

When you use carpet as a topper, it becomes the lid, or part of the bin. It is not organic, nor are ANY plactic worm bins. On my outdoor horse-manure vermicompost system, it is THE bin. It is what makes it work! I could purchase high dollar compost cover that would not last as long or be as effective. Newspaper would not protect my wormery.

Sam, I recommend that you follow Chuckiebtoo's advice and use paper or cardboard indoors. He has a ton of worm experience. I have not raised worms indoors.

Good Luck, Pete

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After feeding, put a fresh layer of wet or dry shredded newspaper?

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"wet or dry shredded newspaper" Yes.

Dry if you are adding wet material.
It will become wet over time.

Wet if you are finding your bin becomes dry over time.
Corrugated Cardboard if you do not get a newspaper.
Egg Carton material if that is what you have tons of.
The solid newspaper might have some advantages to block fruit flies.

Shredded, Whole, Mixed. Your choice.

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One of the best ways of checking for proper bin moisture content is feeling of the shredded newspaper that also covers the food you introduce to help reduce those nasty ole insects we'd rather not see in our bins.

If newspaper becomes damp, chances are the bin moisture content is OK. When you put dry shredded newspaper into the bin, it equinox2 points out...become damp as it absorbs "humidity" in the bin.

Conversely. adding dry newspaper to a slightly too wet bin will aid the de-moisturization of it.


BTW, the time to begin brewing and spreading AVCT is now when the temps have become tolerable to the living critters you are introducing to your plant surfaces.

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