corn in my bin

wowwormsApril 26, 2008

I have just started my bin about a week now things seem to be going okay. I think i read somewhere that i can put dried corn husks in. Should i do any thing specific to them? What about the corn cob?

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I do not have much experience with corn in bins. During corn season (not sure when, but corn was ~ 10 for a buck), we went through a bunch of corn. I did not give them the used cob. I felt that was like giving them a dried out stick :-(. I did give them the husk. After shucking the corn, I pushed back the worm bedding and layed the husk flat on the bottom. I essentially covered the entire bottom of the bin with husks. Total, I gave them husk from 10 corn. It took some time, but they eventually ate it all. I have not given them any since. WHen I do pick up more corn, I will give them husk, but not core.

Others may have different experiences.

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I've added it all. The husk, the cob and even cob with the kernels after my kids pecked a few bites off. It takes the cob longer to go through the process, but it is the same when you add it to your regular compost. My feeling is that it all is organic matter, and it will all break down. The worms don't care, eventually the bacteria will start munching it down, and the worms will eat the bacteria.

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squeeze(z8 BC)

chop either cobs or husks up as much as you have time for or they'll take a very long time to disappear


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Nowadays I cut corncobs up before I put them in the bin, but once I remember putting some in whole, and later found that the insides were hollowed out and there were a whole bunch of baby worms inside!

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