Rare type of Dioscorea Bulbifera String Ray Genus

abkaisureSeptember 17, 2010

Dioscorea Bulbifera,Sting Ray Genus is an invasive tropical perennial climbers/vines. Has similar growing habitats as kockiana Bauhinia. A yam species commonly known as air-potatoes. Its seeds is in bulbils form dangling between leaf of axils of the twining vine stem and tuber beneath the ground. Very fast growing, rigid type of tropical vines.

Many hybrid of Dioscorea Bulbifera displays a rather similar love of heart shaped foliage pattern,either big or small bulbils. However the discover of this rare beautiful type of string ray leaf Dioscorea bulbifera is not commonly seen. Does anyone seen this Dioscorea Bulbifera hybrid before?

Image link:

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