Which of these are the smallest/most compact plants??

cziga(Zone 5 -Toronto)May 21, 2012

Hi everyone, I have 2 garden areas dedicated to tomatoes ... one is larger and holds the majority of the plants, the other is smaller and the plants need to be closer together. I also have a couple pots for tomatoes. Usually I grow Cherry Tomatoes in the smaller area because they tend to be smaller plants, but I'm only growing one cherry tomato this summer.

I need some help picking the smallest plants out of my list. I've never grown these varieties before (almost none of them, they're all new) so if you could help point out the 6-8 varieties or so that tend to produce SMALLER PLANTS, and are better for a slightly more compact space, or pot, I'd really appreciate it.

The seedlings I've started are:

Smoky Mountain


Cherokee Green


Green Zebra

Green Pineapple

Moldovan Green

Malkhitovaya Shkatulka

Pruden's Purple

Cherokee Purple

Purple Calabash

Eva Purple Ball

Aunt Ginny's Purple

Ananas Noir

Striped German


Northern Lights


Orange Russian 117

Berkeley Tie Dye Pink

Berkeley Tie Dye

Oaxacan Jewel

Black and Brown Boar

Great White

Isis Candy

Thank you so much for your advice!!!

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Cherokee Purple is the only one I see in that list that one could describe as smaller. But it isn't compact.

Don't know Malkhitovaya Shkatulka or Oxacan Jewel or Smokey Mountain except that it is indeterminate. You might want to look each up on Tatiana's Tomato base for the details on each.

Sorry I can't be of more help.


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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

Ventmarin's database often gives height in centimeters. It's in French, but it should be easy to pick out the numbers (just make sure it mentions centimeters, as otherwise the numbers will be weight in grammes or DTM in jours).
Convert centimeters to feet here:

Then there's the garden forum we can't link to. Their tomato Cultivar Finder (just search those three words in Google) puts varieties in height categories. (I figure if it says both 4-6' and 6-8', that's a 6' tall vine.)

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cziga(Zone 5 -Toronto)

Thank you both for responding ... I looked on Tatianas Tomato Base but there aren't too many plant height details, there are tons of great details, but not approx plant height :(

The french one is very helpful, I'm sure, but even though I'm Canadian, I understand almost none of it, lol!! Again, I see a lot of weight, and fruit size (I think), but not too many plant sizes ...

Is the tomato cultivar finder by Dave? If so, many of the pages have heights listed, I guess 3 categories ... 4-6 ft, 6-8 ft and 8-10 ft. If the sizes are to be believed, that is actually a pretty big help!! Thank you :)

It seems like the smallest ones on my list would probably be:
Cherokee Purple
Pruden's Purple
Purple Calabash
Oaxacan Jewel
Black and Brown Boar
Cherokee Green
and possible some other greens like Absinthe, Moldovan Green and Green Pineapple.

Trying to fit large tomato plants into small garden spaces has it's frustrating moments, but I'd rather try to plan it out and make it work, rather than limiting the number of varieties I can try each summer :)

I really appreciate the suggestions, thank you!

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

You're welcome. Yes, you found the right one.

I'm growing too many varieties this year, and needed to know which are what height so I can make the best use of a really mixed bag of old/new low/medium ring supports, 100' of 6' stock panel trellis, and however much Florida weave is necessary to handle the rest. So I was checking all the varieties at both those sites and recording the heights in a new category on my (embarrassingly-long) master list.

I was surprised how few I found on Ventmarin; in my memory, when I didn't care about height, they always listed it!

I had a couple of years of French in college, but the online dictionaries aren't much help with horticultural terms. My main problem at Ventmarin, though, is that when I see the word "cerise," I keep thinking pink rather than cherry....

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I am growing Bush Tomatoes this year because I just didn't want to hassle with 8-10' tall plants on my back deck again.

So I chose one called Better Bush that only gets a max of 4' tall and produces copious amounts of 4" tomatoes that have a really good old time tomato flavor.

Just grow Bush Tomatoes and you are good to go.

I have one 4' tall planted about 7 weeks ago and has at least 60 tomatoes on it right now, have harvested 6 so far, 3 were small 2 1/2" and 3 decent size 3 1/2 to 4".
most all the rest look like they are going to be mostly 4".
the other one I planted 4 weeks ago and it is 3' tall with tons of blossoms and 9 small tomatoes already, that one will take over when the first one dies out in a few weeks.
When that one dies I will plant one more, probably about first of August to take over in October.

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