Wisteria 'Blue Moon' ... bud hardy to -40 ?

Markrjc(z3 ONT)January 17, 2006

Okay, I've read the claims that this one is EXTREMELY bud HARDY and reliably flowers in zone 3 after experiencing severe temperatures as low as -40. I'd like to hear from those in such a climate that have actually had their plant endure that numbing frigid cold temperature. Reports from warmer areas are of little help. Thanks!


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FLOWPOW2(Zone 7-8 bc. ca)

Hello Mark, well here it is 10 months later and still no one has stepped up to the plate here ! LOL I am a Clematis lover and have several of them. Nellie Moser, Niobe, Presidente, Red Cardinal, and a few others. My DH and I have bought property up in Northern B.C. zone 3b, Yikes !!! So I guess I will have to find homes for them all before we move. Did you buy any chance get the info about "BlueMoon" or any other Clem that will thrive in this zone ??? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Lynn

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I don't live in zone 3, but for what it's worth, I have grown the Blue Moon wisteria for 3 years now in zone 4 and can't say enough good about it. Since it flowers from new wood, there are no flower buds during the winter to be killed by frigid temperatures. If the vine lives, it will flower, and flower early. I have tried growing the chinese varieties, which die back, but Blue Moon has had no die back of even the smallest vines. Here are some pictures of my 3-year old vines in bloom over a trellis bench:

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