Onion Bag Bin

equinoxequinoxApril 25, 2014

It seems in a flow through there is never enough of a hole in the bottom for the vermicompost to flow. It is also difficult to get enough air into the bin. Maybe the Costco size onion bag would make a bin. It is used to carrying heavy weight. It could be hung up over a barrel. The barrel could actually double as a constant brew. Every week the bin could be harvested by dunking it a few times in the barrel. Then feed bin. The worm in just gets so heavy that it is difficult to harvest.

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eq2: I have read somewhere, don't/can't remember where, it was suggested that when using a Worm Inn, best would be to have lots of worms to digest the food with speed to allow frequent harvesting. I guess weight would have been the issue there too.

My concern about onion bags is durability. Once a spot starts to fray, the entire thing will come down into the barrel in no time.

Following your suggestion somewhere in another post (ahem), you could try this method and report a follow up here, Can't wait for it and thanks for experimenting.

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