I need a good vine for oklahoma

iliketopartyJanuary 22, 2009

I recently purchased a new home that has a back porch that was covered in vines at some point but was ripped out because the prior owner did not wish to maintain the vines. It's winter now and I would like to get a new one started hopefully that will have some coverage by this summer. I'm looking for a good vine that will not attract ants. Or other pests, and not start sprouting up all over my lawn. Any help would be much appreciated. Pretty moderate lighting conditions with a fair amount of precipitation and general watering.

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I would recommend trying any of the:




Ipomoea tricolor is also a good choice for good coverage and the seeds will not survive cold winters...

Hope that helps...


P.S. - Many merchants offer incorrectly identified seeds,so be sure to obtain your seeds from a source that has correctly identified seeds...

Here is a link that might be useful: Ipomoea tricolor in the PlantFiles

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barbara_muret(ctr OK)

really fast growing and absolutely gorgeous is "scarlet runner bean" - actually edible beans, but never tried to actually cook them... you can find them at Lowes in the seed section, if you get there early - just look everywhere you see seed pkgs. They're especially nice because its a one time thing - totally non invasive. If you like them, save the bean pods and use them as seeds next year

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