Planting on a Wet area

tortugafarmFebruary 11, 2013

Hi everyone,
im in need of your expert advise. Here is the back story:

I planted a pomegranate tree 3 weeks ago on clay soil and a 6 inch border. I checked on it after it rained. The hole had filled with water around the root ball. I pulled the tree out and back filled the hole. I added about an inch or so of playground sand over it. Then I sat the tree on top of the sand and covered it with a mix of mostly potting soil, some sand and clay. In other words the tree is planted above ground on a 5-6 in raised circle on top of the original spot.

I know pomegranates don't like wet feet, so the question is: will this affect the root later on as the tree grows? The spot is not permanently wet but when it is the moisture is not visible until you step on it.

Thanks in advance :)

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Here is a picture

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just throwing this out there.... but I have always heard play sand is the WORST thing to use. Its too fine and you more or less have just made a cement.

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That's a good point. Thanks. Maybe I should take it out and mix in some top soil instead.

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My pomegranates (3) have been perfectly happy in a wettish area of my yard for 2 years now. I don't have standing water in the area, but it's heavy clay along a drainage path, so it's always pretty moist. I haven't gotten a lot of fruit yet from the young trees, but they have certainly grown vigorously. One of my local nurserymen says they fruit better if they are kept on the dry side and unfertilized. We'll see - like I said, their growth has been great.

I did plant them high, with the ground mounded around them.

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Thanks Julia that makes me feel better i actually picked it up to see if there was water gathering at the root but it looked fine. Thanks for your reply :)

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