can you help me find citrus?

souf(9)February 25, 2013

ive been on a search for some citrus i had tasted at john panzarellas tasting last year, but im coming up short. could you help me locate these trees?

im looking for
tarocco blood orange
fortune mandarin

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Have you tried Brazos Citrus? They are a wholesaler, but they told me where I could find their Kumquats in my city.
I couldn't remember the varieties you want to search but their site is easy if you know what you are looking for.


Here is a link that might be useful: Brazos Citrus

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What part of the state are you in? That would be very useful. You may not be close to Brazos Wholesalers. I've never heard of any of the citrus that you're looking for, they aren't the ones we usually have in the nurseries here in the Houston area.

I've never heard of john panzarella, so knowing where you are would be most helpful.

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I was going to start a thread on this but since y'all are talking citrus anyway....

I have meyer lemon tree that did alright outside in a pot here in Austin, TX, with temp down to high 20s for a while.
This is the first year its flowering, we'll see how its fruits and how I like them.

I have a satsuma mandarin in the ground since the last 3 years. It's small yet, 5 feet but skinny. No flowers ever but stays glossy green no matter how cold it gets here. Will it ever flower/fruit?

I need to get a lime tree, something that produces an abundance of juicy limes like mexican or similar in taste. But I would rather it be cold tolerant, so that I could just cover it occasionally instead of taking it in for the winter. I am thinking patio plant but I could put it in the ground as well. What variety how I want to look for?


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Pebbles, please start a new thread with your questions, since the topic of this one is some citrus varieties that apparently aren't available in the area where the poster lives. I can address your questions, but no one else who can is likely to read this thread.

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Just to let everyone know that Lowes has their citrus trees half price. I bought a Naval Orange, Rio Red grapefruit, Persian Lime, and Satsuma dwarf mandarin yesterday. I used my entire gift certificate that I got for valentines day. I will plant them in 15 gallon pots at the coast the first year. Barbra

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plantloverkat zone 9a north Houston(zone 9a)

Pebble09, perhaps you would like a limequat tree. I have just planted one within the last month, so I can't give you too much information based on personal experience, but I have included a link to the Urban Harvest webpage about them. They are supposed to be more cold hardy than limes are, but you may have to do some more research to see how low of temperatures they can tolerate.

Here is a link that might be useful: limequat tree on Urban Harvest website

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im in houston, but im willing to travel an hour or 2 to acquire these.


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redrac(9 NW Houston)

Try these
Caldwells SW frwy on Band rd check their website to see what you may want or call them nice folks large selection.
JRN 2 locations one is in Alief on the Westpark tollway near Dairy Ashford. The other one is massive and is just inside beltway8 off of 249. RCW is just outside of bw8 and 249. These are all very knowledgable and helpful.

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redrac(9 NW Houston)

Also check John Panzarellas website he has plants for sale. Also Ask what the rootstock is when you buy your plants you want Flying Dragon or Poncrius Trifolate preferably for Houston.

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redrac(9 NW Houston)

Pebbles Your Meyer is good down to 24 degrees but I have heard of them going down to 17 with little damage maybe when they are 5 or 6 years old. Is your Satsuma grafted? It may be a seedling meaning not grafted and if it is tall and skinny it may need to be clipped to let it branch out. By that clip the top few inches of it off. Seedlings will take around 4 to 6 years to fruit and some are just stubborn, give it time. A friend of mine put in a tangerine that I think is a sunburst from Lowes it did not bear fruit for 6 years now at around 9 it produced 1,000 fruit it is over 20 feet tall. Limes will die if planted in the ground, just a matter of time. use a big pot or prepare to cover it when it gets below 32. If I remember right they come true from seed so you can find your favorite lime at the store and plant it. It will be a small bush but should fuel your Margarita machine in a few years. Also try to find fruit on flying dragon dwarfing rootstock or poncrius trifoliate semi dwarfing, more cold and disease tolerant.
Good Luck

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I have a limequat and am not happy with it. They're sour, like they're supposed to be, but not very productive, and the fruit doesn't stay good for long.

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