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sandyl(Zone 6B -7)January 14, 2013

I purchased four sections of these for my front porch this pass fall and got them up. These were my Christmas present to my self for the next 5 years, hehehe.They were a bit expensive, but they do look good on the front porch. here is what I purchased. Anyway come spring I will be planting something to grow on these for a little shade purpose. I have 25 plus clematis but I don't plan on putting clematis in this location due to the med summer browning that all Clematis seem to go through and I was thinking maybe Mandaville's or maybe Cypress Vine. The area would be on each side of my front walkway steps in from of the front porch, I do have gutters so the run off from the roof will not be a problem. My main problem will be the hot afternoon sun, no shade after 1:30 p.m., porch faces south west and it's faily HOT. I thought of the passion flower vine but after reading up on it I don't think that's what I need. I have several Sweet Autumn Clematis that bloom really late but I realy don't want that heavy of a vine up front of the house..Last year I made shade curtains that ran along the front on a wire that could be closed during the hot afternoon and they looked pretty good, but wasn't what I really wanted and wasn't much of an enjoyment so I purchased the trellis's. Any advise on what would handle the heat and no shade would be a great help..

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I have not grown Clematis before, but look forward to reading the comments.

Does Clematis need cool roots to be happy or is the effect of heat on the leaves instead?

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sandyl(Zone 6B -7)

Clematis do perfer cool roots, All clematis do brown out med summer/ in the heat. The leave's can handle quite a bit of heat, but there is always the exception. I found out this pass summer that some of my best heat loving Clematis did burn out on the south side of my house, no shade and 114 degress, I had to put an umbrella over them just to help save them.

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You could try planting annual vine such as a flashy Japanese morning glory (JMG). JMG will wilt somewhat in the heat of the day, however, the leaves will recover later in the afternoon. Click on the link below for photos of the JMGs I grew a couple years ago.

That's a pretty trellis. It must have been fun installing it. :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Gerris2's JMG photos from 2007-2009

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Joseph, is that the REAL color of that red MG in the photo? :) Arum

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The color in each photo is accurate. I don't photoshop.

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Well, I am not familiar with that term, but how possible would it be to attain some of those seeds? :)

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Maybe 90% of the MGs I showed in photos I obtained through eBay purchases.

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