kpaduanoApril 29, 2008

I've read in several places that bananas are heavily sprayed - so peels shouldn't be added to the bin. Any thoughts on this?


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squeeze(z8 BC)

actually I don't think bananas are sprayed much anymore, except they use Gibberellic acid to control ripening ... it's soluable in water

any food waste is fine, worms eat the bacteria on decomposing organic material, and bacteria "remediate" contaminents [it's how they treat oil spills!] .... chop the skins up well or they'll take awhile to disappear, especially the stems


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Karchita(WA Z8)

My worms have been subsisting on mostly coffee grounds and banana peels for years. They are safe.

Bill is right about the stems taking a while to disappear. I break them off and put them in the regular compost bin.

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I've not have my worms long, but they seem to love the peels & have suffered no ill effects as of yet. They get a lot of them too.

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