Wisteria - does it play 'nice' with a trumpet plant??

pam225January 1, 2010


It's January 1 in Havertown, PA and I'm already researching for my garden this year! hahaha!

I love Wisteria....love the smell, love the look, love how it will bloom 3x over the season, love how it will climb on my pergola (that my hubby needs to build this year!). I realize it can be invasive and it' a fast grower.

However, I also really like the trumpet plant - not sure if that's it's real name, or what variety it is that I like, but my friend has one (so it grows around here), it comes back every year, it' a vine, the flowers are a salmon color, and it beautiful! (and...I will get a free offhoot from her).

I would like to know if I plant the wisteria on one side of the pergola and the trumpet plant about 10 feet down on the same side of the pergola (so both can grow up and over the top), will they "play nice" or will one kill the other. Between the amazing scent of the wisteria and the trumpet plant attracting the hummingbird that lived in my yard last year (and loved my birdhouse gourd plant!) I think it will look nice over my deck.

Thought? I'm open to suggestions. (BTW...my hubby also suggeted a hop plant - not only does he want to brew his own, but the plant apparently look amazing as it climb...)

Thanks, and Happy New Year!!


Havertown, Pa

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I have Amethyst Falls wisteria and Campsis radicans (Trumpet Vine) growing together in some areas. They do fine together but if you are talking about a Campsis radicans you might want to think twice before planting it. It's one of the most invasive plants I've ever dealt with. I spent almost 10 years trying to kill it before giving up. Now I just try to keep it contained. It is beautiful in bloom and hummers and insects love it. The Amethyst Falls wisteria isn't as aggressive as the Oriental varieties. I'd think that either of the vines would take over a pergola in a very short time.

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Plant a wisteria. Even the chinese kind, which is extremely fragrant and grows like a weed, is much better to have than a trumpet vine.
If the wisteria gets out of hand, just cut it down, all the way down in the spring, it will cover your arbor or pergola in one season. (it's like a snake, freaky)
If you plant the wrong kind of trumpet vine, you will always have it because it has invasive roots that travel underground like bamboo.
Personally, my vote is for the wisteria. Can't beat it!
I have the chinese kind, it fills the yard with tremendous fragrance and if you keep cuttine it, it will keep blooming.
If you buy one this spring, make sure it is blooming when you buy it. VERY important.

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smittee(central florida)

Pam why [make sure it is blooming when you buy it. VERY important]? PLEASE ELABORATE.

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