why it only really reach 8 ft long?

v1rtu0s1ty(5a)January 24, 2012

I am in Illinois. I grew hyacinth bean vine on an 18 inch diameter pot with a 12 inch deep of garden medium. The pots were by the pergola posts. each pot had 3 plants.

It didn't reach the top of my pergola. Will this vine grow only this long in Illinois? 2 years ago, I planted moonflower and the length was also 8-10 and not even thick.

What am I doing wrong? I want to try it again this year.


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You aren't doing anything wrong. I live in NW Florida, where it's typically warm year around, and mine don't reach 8' most of the time.

If you want a really good, tall annual vine, plant morning glories. My moonflower vine only grew about 5' last year. It didn't die back, so hopefully it will grow taller this spring.

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Ok. What about a perennial vine that will go back next season even if it's planted on a huge pot?

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Sweet Autumn Clematis is a perennial vine, hardy in your zone, that blooms in the fall and gets very large. Do a Google.com search for perennial zone 5 vines - maybe you'll find one that your like!

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I've had purple hyacinth bean vines grow much larger than that, but they were planted in the ground. I ordered the seeds from Park Seeds. But then I have also bought seeds (can't remember brand) at the store that grew a lot smaller.

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