most prolific morning glory?

nucci60(6 Ma.)January 21, 2007

Which morning glory blooms the best for you and stays open longest?

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I would say that there are many. My Shiruki ao' is just a wonderfull experience in growing Mg's. :) Arum

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Ipomoea indica stays open the longest of any Morning Glory that I know of and is a fast grower...the plants sold by merchants are clones and therefore most usually will not produce any seeds unless fertilized with compatible pollen from a another strain of I.indica...

The I.indica plants that are clones will always look exactly like the parents whereas plants that are from seeds have the potential for variations from the parent stock to occur...

There are some seeds of Ipomoea indica around,but they are not extremely common as of yet...

Merremia dissecta has flowers that also tend to stay open for a long time...

Hope that helps...


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njoynit(Z8b Coastal ~secluded)

I've have the alamo vine , on cloudy days or later in season when light changes stay open all day.It didn't bloom as well this year& the one I grew in bed along back fence didn't even bloom at all this year.
AkatsukI Mersaki is one that stays open longer for me& on some cloudy days will stay open all day.It blooms well also & I grew in a hanging basket.No telling WHAT my favorite will be this time next year...........

Prolific?HMmm maybe grandpa otts?It almost covered a whole tree ( which I didn't mind.....the tree didn't bloom.)Noahs orange was good engulfed a string.

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Well, I have never seen a MG set seed like Noah, I'll probably pulling them out till the cows come home. Still, they are charming. You know, I've never met a MG I didn't really like, but that might be because I'm itching to grow some. :) arum

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My Sunrise Serenade had loads of flowers and definitely set the most seeds of the varieties I had last year. My Blue Silk barely gave me any viable looking seeds but did bloom well. I'm going to try quite a few more varieties this year.

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Arum, keep pulling those orange noah. My friend was still pulling them up 5 years after she planted one seedling and saw what it looked like and pulled it out. Apparently it had set some seeds that the birds got, because she had them coming up all over the place, in the front yard, side of the house, back yard, everywhere. She's spent more time getting rid of that one than any dandelions she ever saw.

it is one really nasty plant to get rid of. She swares that if she sees another one of the seedlings, she's pulling out the round-up that she uses on the poison ivy.
She's never had any morning glory reseed before in her life and between the 2 of us, we must have had over 200 vines growing last year. It's just the orange noah that is nasty and neither of us like it.

I'm wondering if it has runner roots as well as seeds.

Ron, does it have runner roots? And why is this morning glory so hard to get rid of and keep coming up all over the place, even after it hasn't bloomed a second or third year. It has very distinct leaves, so you know it is this one and not another.



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Karyn, the Sunrise Serenade is one of the new ones I will be growing this spring! My neighbor grew it, and gave me some seeds. :)

Fran, now if we could get the bloom on that Noah to get to be a bout 20 times bigger, it would be a real winner, but guess we'll just have't to settle for it multiplying 20 time faster. :)

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nucci60(6 Ma.)

Arum, do all morning glories set viable seed? I know with canna bulbs some hybrids produce sterile seed.I am new to m.g., after one season with heavenly blue i am now hooked.

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Well, I would think so, but I think I have heared that some don't. Bet Ron would know the ans to that one. :)

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queenb(z8b East TX)

I don't know of a morning glory that makes seeds that aren't viable. Morning glories as a rule are nearly impossible to cross species, so you have very little chance of creating a hybrid that makes sterile seeds. The few hybrids that have been created (after MUCH effort) all have seeds that are viable, but the plants themselves aren't necessarily very hardy. There was a discussion on another board about JMG 'Chachamaru' not creating its own pollen, but could still produce seeds when crossed with another flower's pollen, so I don't think that in itself would qualify the plant as being sterile.

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queenb(z8b East TX)

Oh...I meant to add that for me, the most prolific has been 'Yellow Trumpets'. It's a yellow form of I. hederafolia, and has made more than it's fair share of seeds. I didn't weigh last year's yield, but this year alone I harvested over 1 lb. of seed! Mind you, I had more last year, and all this year's came from last year's fallen seeds.


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Wouldn't happen to have a pic of that yelow one would you? :)

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queenb(z8b East TX)

But of course, mon ami!

I had hummingbirds and butterflies all over this one! The flowers are golden butter yellow.

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nucci60(6 Ma.)

queenb, thanks for the information. what a coincidence, I just ordered 35 seeds of yellow trumpet off ebay two days ago, along with some mt. fuji mix.

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Well...Queenie, I HAVE Mt Fuji mix, and a lot of others. :) Do you have all my MG's?

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Fran - The Ipomoea coccinea does not spread by undergrond rhizomatous produces alot of small seeds that sprout easily and some may remain dormant through several seasons...

nucci60 - some morning glories species are usually available as clones e.g., Ipomoea indica and these clones will not produce seeds and the seeds produced by some species will not survive the colder zones e.g., Ipomoea tricolor,I.carnea,I.alba,I.macrorhiza...

There are some cold hardy perennials that usually produce few seeds like Ipomoea pandurata...



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That's a very good picture queenb! It seems to have a much darker yellow color than ipomoea ocbracea (Sp ?) & ipomoea Obscura. Do you grow those too?

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My Star of Yelta do a terrific job for me!!
Stacy.....I need to talk to you privately and the message I tried to send to your listed e-mail failed.

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