Cut that out Swap... update...

greenthumbgrow(7 - MD)August 6, 2009

Hi everyone!

I was looking threw my lists and wanted to post an update for everyone from the swap hosted by mark this past spring. I also wanted each of you to know I truely appreciate you sharing your garden with me and I hope each of you learned as much as I did from Marks cuttings swap. Thanks Mark it was a blast!

Heres the update..................

Mark Case (Our most gracious host):

2 Lemon Grass cuttings - Doing good. I haven't harvested any this year but next year I hope to have it large enough I can make some recipes with it.

1 Spider Plant white/green - Doing great. No babies yet but the plants are hugh!

3 Weeping Cherry - didn't root:-(

1 Oregano - doing great and dried some of it already for cooking!

1 Ginger root - doing excellent. it is hugh I added another piece from the grocery store with it and about a month ago I harvested a large chuck for ginger tea:-) (acutally just had some this morning. Yum.Yum. )

1 Pampas Grass - Doing great!

1 Horseradish - Doing wonderfully. I haven't pulled it up yet. Waiting for fall. But it looks like it took off its plant is about a foot wide.

1 Elephant Garlic - i think I kept it too wet and I rotted it. errr. I know for next time. I have a bad habit of that on larger items like bulbs. I just rotted my scarlet runner beans because of too much water also. I had to start them again. You'd think I'd learn my lesson.


2 Kiwi - I cut to 4 because they were large cuttings and now have 3 rooted and growing.

2 Pinor noir grape - both rooted and growing.

2 Himalayian Blackberry & 2 Evergreen Blackberry - I have 1 out of the four and am not sure which survived. LOL but It is growing like mad and has wicked thorns. Can't wait for the berries.

1 clematis - Doing great! Just added it last month next to the rose I wanted it with.

1 Corkscrew willow - Rooted fine and is about 1 foot tall now :-) Still in a pot will wait til spring to plant out.

1 Asparagus - Added to the asparagus bed I just made. Thanks I needed all I could get as this is the first.

3 Stevia (me, mom, fran) -None of these made it. I know you triied.

2 Sugar Plum - neither root. I am sure it was something I didn't do right

1 Peruvian Purple potato

1 fingerling seed potato

1 Red red potato

1 Blue Blue potato

-All the potatos were rotted when they got here. I triied to cut it off and dry it out but didn't work. Maybe in the fall swap I would like 1 each of them (uncut if possible) Thanks for trying though I was so excited about them but am being patient.

1 J. choke - I am not sure what happened to this? I don't think it made it but can't recall why.

1 California white garlic start - Doing great by the white rose

1 Lorz Italian Red - Planted by the red rose:-)

1 Holland iris - growing like crazy but no blooms this year. keeping fingers crossed for next year!


1 gardenia - didn't root

1 Jasmine Vine - Did great and is about 6 inches with leafs

1 Dwarf watermelon crepe myrtle - Doing reallly good but am waiting until spring to plant out as I don't want to take a change on the root system not being large enough yet. I really am happy this rooted so well.

1 Bridal white spirea - Didn't root

1 red spider flower - Planted and growing.

2 weeping willow - Both rooted and are growing well

Black Moudry Grass (10 seeds)

Gentiana Clausa (Bottle Gentian)seed

Pink Pampas Grass seed

Pink Muhly Grass seed

Godetia seed

Golden Chain Tree

All the seeds I am planting this coming month to keep inside during the winter and plant out in the spring. That way they won't be too big during winter. Thanks!


2 pink climbing roses - Rooted and growing like mad. still in a pot until spring.

2 pink roses didn't root

1 red climbing rose- Rooted and growing like mad. still in a pot until spring.

1 star of Bethlehem

1 Rose Anthurium

1 white Dutch iris

1 Spanish bluebells

Kamil - All the bulbs grew wonderfully.

Thanks again for those.


1 elephant ear - Doing great and growing tall.

1 Lady Margaret Passion flower - Didn't root. Sad because I really was hoping I would get that one right.

1 cherry jubilee alameda - Didn't root

Loofah seeds - Growing them this year on the side of the house. They really didn't do well this year. I kept 1/2 the seeds in case and will grow again next year. It has been a reallly wet year here and somethings are just rotting in the ground:-(


1 apple scented geranium - Not sure what happened to this. I know it must have not made it because its not with my geraniums (and I don't have but 2 so maybe next time:-)

1 Dahlia Unwins - Doing great and blooming already!

1 Canna rizome purple

1 Angel Wing Begonia - growing great and is about 3-4 inches tall

1 oxadalis green - Didn't make it. I think the bulbs were too deep and they rotted with all that darn rain we are having. Its always either too much or not enough!


Roses: **see note at bottom on all the rose cuttings.

Louise Odier


Monsieur Tiller

Cecille Bruner

Mary Rose

Memorial Day

Duchesse De Brabant

Old Blush

Mrs. BR Cant

Wm Lobb really gorgeous with treacherous stickers!!!

Lady of Guadalupe

Gertrude Jekyll

Brother Cadfel

The Fairy

Melody Parfume


**All the roses... They started out great but most did not make it. The ones that did was all the ones in the large propogation chamber I made. All the ones in the soda pop chambers did not. I think the humity was an issue and there was a lot more humity in the large chamber so next time I will be sure to put all roses in that one... I mark it up to a learning experience and now I know what NOT to do with rose cuttings. I will most definatly try it again now that I know what to do. I thought the soda pop ones would do better because they work so well on hardwood cuttings like figs, hydrandeas and other stuff like that but Now I know.

1 butterfly bush- purple/blue - Didn't root.

1 Currant

1 Zephrine D

1 Charles Rennie McIntosh

1 Bishops Castle

2 blueberry - One blueberry rooted :-) But I think I put it in the ground too soon because it lost the leafs:-( I would love to try this again and will most likely root them and keep them in the pot for the first year. Really sad I lost it after planting it out, it is still there as I am hoping it just went dormant and will surprise me in the spring.

2 blackberry

1 Marshalls Delight Bee Balm - Doing great and growing like mad. It has been blooming all summer and I can't wait for it to take over the bed I put it in. :--)) Big Smile. The butterflys are loving it already.

1 Donkeys Tails - Doing great.

1 Huntington Rose - Didn't root

Thanks for all the rose cuttings and I would really like to try them again in the large prop. chamber. Every rose I had in that one made it. So I am hoping I am on to something and didn't just 'by chance' put the easiest to root in there. LOL.


Narcissus white with yellow cup

1 judy mogil

1 ginger swirl

1 love the sun

1 one olympic challenge

1 stairway to heaven

1 Brother carl D

**All the irises are doing great. No blooms this year but didn't expect them either. But next year I will keep my fingers crossed. :-) Thanks sooo much!


1 apple blossom - didn't root


1 grace albritton - rooted.

1 Betty Sheffield - rooted

1 Lantana:New Gold - Seems to have gotten lost in my garden somewhere. I can't find it. LOL. I know I put it there but its not where I put it. I am thinking something uprooted it. It was small when I put it out.

1 jasminoides - didn't root

1 Star Anise - rooted and doing great! Thanks


1 fushia 4 O'clocks - planted in the front bed and blooming great this year!

1 Kennebec seed potato - Just harvested them about two weeks ago and they were great!

1 crepe myrtle - Velma's Royal Delight - Rooted and Doing wonderful. Will wait until next year to plant out.



2 Concorde grape - Doing great and getting tall. Still have in the GH and will plant out in the fall

2 Candace grape - 1 made it. Doing great and getting tall. Still have in the GH and will plant out in the fall

1 Jasmine - Didn't root

2 Double mock orange - Didn't root

2 french lilac - One made it. Yeah! - It was out growing the pot so I did put this one in the ground. I can't wait to see the first blooms I know it will probably be a couple years but thats alright with me:-)

1 red poker flower

1 Joseph's Coat Rose climbing rose - Pretty sure this was one of them in the 'good' chamber for the roses and I have it repoted. I am not planting out until the root system gets larger though.

1 New Dawn Climbing Rose Climbing rose

2 anjor pear - Didn't root.

1 Red Japanese maple - Didn't root

1 pussy willow - Made it and doing great. I put it in the ground already.


2 Corylus avellana 'Contorta', Harry Lauder's Walking Stick - I know these didn't root for me. I was very sad. I was really hoping to get at least one out of it. I would really like to try to root this one again.

Hydrangea petiolaris - Rooted and planted out. it is about a foot tall.

Salix discolor amer pus wil - Not sure what happened to this one. I don't think it rooted.


1 red twig dogwood cuttings - Didn't root

1 native plum- was planning on trying to graft it but didn't get too. so I stuck them in the dirt to try rooting but think i just waiting too long. errr. they didn't root.

1 white clematis - rooted and planted by the red rose

1 JFK rose? - I think this was one of the roses in the large prop. chamber and did make it. I lost the tag to one of the roses and I think it was this but not sure until it blooms so it will be my surprise rose.


**All you sent rooted and took off (except apple mint). I have enough already to start trading them also. Thanks so much for the mints I am LOVING them in my teas!


common mint

chocolate mint


orange mint

apple mint

varigated mint

chewing mint


Crepscule - Not sure what happened to this one...

Angelwing Begonia - Rooted and took off. Its about 3 inches tall in new groweth.

lemon balm - WHOA Took off... looks like a mini bush. LOL Loving it.

Clematis 'Jackmanii - Didn't root

Rose cuttings: Veilchenblau


creeping phlox - Doing very well next to danaes fairy garden.

thyme - Doing great and taste great. LOL

spearamint - Well you know that one rooted. LOL I love mints:-)

If I left something blank its because it didn't root. I will post the link to the photos as soon as I load them all. I am very happy with my success from this swap and can't wait until the fall one.. HINT hint.. LOL..

Thanks again everyone!


AKA - Greenthumbgrow

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greenthumbgrow(7 - MD)

Starting to make my list of stuff I can take cuttings of for the fall one:-) Soo excited!

Wanted to comment so it is moved from the top of the list. If anyone else has anything from me that is doing very well I would love to know/see pics. :-)


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sandlapper_rose(Zone 8)

You are so good with plants to have had all that success!
I wonder if we are still doing this swap in the fall.
I will try to remember what I had luck with. I should have kept a list. I have one kiwi that made it, the dragonfruit is still alive(although it is still about the size it was when it arrived), the Yukon Gold potato was a big success. Blue potato grew a few potatoes that were large enough to eat - mixed in with some grocery store ones when we ate them or else there never would have been enough, but it was fun to see what they look like! The other potatoes grew into plants, but if any potatoes at all, they were just tiny ones about a size that would fit in a teaspoon. I know someone sent some herb cuttings and those made it. A willow and pussy willow managed to get roots but died after a few weeks. This has not been one of my better years for getting plants to root and I don't know why. Seems like the weather has been more agreeable than most summers. I have taken cuttings from my own plants every few weeks and those have not been rooting either, so just an odd year.

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greenthumbgrow(7 - MD)

Jeanne - somethings do that to me at certain times also. I am sure it has something to do with the weather or something. Sometimes everything roots sometimes nothing roots. LOL.

My potatoes didn't really produce a ton either this year. I did get enough for a couple meals but not enough to store any away :-( next year I will plant double what I planted this year.


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gardenmom2(IN Zone 6)

Tammy, some time if and when you have time, could you either post your prop chamber or a link to it from before. I want to make 1 or 2 before the fall swap. I am planning on trying to start some hydranga cuttings today and whatever else I get my hands on. May try some roses, too. Wish me luck.

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dirtdiggin(8b NW WA)

Oh I'm so excited about the fall cuttings swap. Gotta read up on what we can take during the fall.

Does anyone know an approximate time frame as to when this one will be?

I'm sure I'll have loads of stuff to send in. We found a small grove of those little sugar plums and they are LOADED this year. I'm thinking to maybe send seeds as well as cuttings, but it may need to be in a winter swap again. These have all been grown from distributed seed by the birds and critters, so no grafting is needed.


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greenthumbgrow(7 - MD)

Toni - I do not have a time for this one. I will email Mark and see about when he thinks is best.


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greenthumbgrow(7 - MD)

Just an update: I emailed mark but haven't gotten an email yet. I will try again in a couple days just in case it didn't go through.


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angelady777 (was angelady on GW) - Zone 6(6)

Tammy, that is amazing! I'm truly jealous here! I'm glad they did so well for you! I hardly had anything make it through this horrendously hot summer. I'm VERY disappointed.


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