What are good plants for hanging baskets?

weldontx(z 8a TX)February 10, 2008

Almost hate to open this bag of worms, but I want to do several hanging baskets that will be able to take the good ole TX heat. What have you found that blooms well through the summer? I want to try some Tidal Wave petunias, scavola (sp), lg leaf ice plant, variagated ivy. Would geraniums get too large? Where can I find the trailing or vine type geraniums? Also give me ideas for blooms from summer until late fall.


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Have you tried purslane (sic)? I had one that trailed and bloomed all summer long one year.

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Hi, Petunias don't do well once it gets hot. Consider them a Spring plant so if you want to redo or pull them out of your hanging basket, they can be used early in the season. Hanging baskets are beautiful but they dry out terribly fast in the heat. Guess that is the can of worms. If shade, I highly recommend Dragon Wing Begonias -they do beautifully. They come in red or pink.

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hitexplanter(8 a)

Ivy geraniums(trailing) don't like the heat of summer so would consider it more a cool to warm season bloomer but not a great summer bloomer. The iceplants, purslane, bouganvillea, are all great sun hot season hanging flowering plants. Begonia semprivrens(sic?)(green leaf type) and impatiens (single blooms) are good warm to hot season hanging flowering plants for shade or early morning and filtered sun rest of the day (dappled light) May-Sept time period. They will take more direct sun in Spring and Fall.

I find the Laura Bush petunia up for the heat of summer but gets large so a bigger 12-14 inch hanging basket is best. Still blooms best other than August but is a good year round plant that has come back and performed well for me the last two years running. Blooms from April-Nov, evergreen thus far this year returned from seed last year.
The variegated ivy will need dappled light in the morning starting in May and protection from most if not all of the afternoon sun from May on til fall.
Scaveola appreciates a break from the harshest part of the day sun 2pm til almost sunset dappled during this time is fine (same as ivy time period).
Good Luck and happy growing David

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Not a flowering plant, but I had a wandering jew last summer that was gorgeous. Didn't take a lot to keep it nice and healthy.

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I tried begonia's last year. They are in a filtered light and they bloomed all summer. Very pretty from my dining room. I will plant more this year.

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Asparagus fern. It stays green all year long and have nice red berries during fall and winter.


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I have not had great luck with keeping the vining geraniums going through the heat. I love them, though.

Have you considered the perriwinkles that hang down the sides of hanging baskets? They aren't usually available in nurseries until it gets hot, but I've grown them from seeds before. They just get thicker and more beautiful throughout the summer, take the sun and are happy as long as they aren't killed by fungus. Fortunately, that is far less likely to happen in hanging baskets...but did for me one year.

Here is a link that might be useful: mediteranean periwinkles

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Hi Weldon - You should try moss rose/ portulaca, it loves the heat and blooms like mad. They are some of my fav.s
I always, have some hanging over the side of a large planter!
Goodluck - tina_2

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mikeandbarb(z8 D/FW)

Weldon, I love purslane and bouganvillea my top choice in hanging baskets.

I had a Scaveola once and had to water it daily, it is a lovely plant but I like thing's that don't need so much water. It was in the morning sun afternoon shade.

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Purslane/Portulaca/Rose Moss is an excellent choice for the heat, though be sure to buy a good variety in a nursery instead of using the wild variety, which will reseed like mad all over your lawn!

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It was flowering but I had a black heart sweet potatoe in a hanging basket that huge and lush looking all year. Most of my other things I had to move more into the shade or they didn't do very well. One other thing I had spilling out of a large cast iron pot in full sun was calibrachoa Million Bells. Those things bloomed like crazy all year and may survive the winter outside. I thought they were annual but they are still alive and even have some green leaves coming out after this warm spell. I will be so happy if they live and bloom again. They did so much better in the heat than my petunias.

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Bougainvillas did well for me last year and they survived the winter so, I've hunged them back a few days ago.

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weldontx(z 8a TX)

Thanks guys (and gals). A great list of suggestions.
Good to hear from you "swap" buddies.


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denisew(z8 TX)

The small sedums make neat looking baskets. A friend of mine plasts the little groundcover sedum in a basket and before mid-summer, it looks like a big ball of sedum hanging there. Also, it can dry out and still look good, but like all hanging baskets, should be watered. She says she only waters her sedum baskets about three times a week and if she misses a watering, no big deal since they're tough little plants.

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