Shrub as a support for honeysuckle?

bonzgirlJanuary 8, 2008

Hello all!

I have one honeysuckle (goldframe?) next to the kitchen side door.

Currently it's planted in cedar planting box w/wood trellis attached to it. It looks ok, but it doesn't look so great in winter time. Even in summer, my honeysuckle gets mildew eventually, doesn't look so pretty on trellis either..

So, I'm in search of medium size shrub (6'-10'tall, 4-5' wide) which my honeysuckle can grow over them. That way, I can still enjoy its beautiful yellow/orange flowers, but don't have to see lots of mildew on trellis.

So far, I'm thinking about BURKWOOD VIBURNUM (Viburnum x burkwoodii) or EUONYMUS. But would love to hear your opinions and if any other suggestions.

I'm planning to use bird net for backup support for honeysuckle until the shrub grow up tall enough to have honeysuckle grow on.



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bogturtle(SE NJ 7a)

I planted them, helter skelter, without much forethought, and the ones at the base of my small Viburnum nudum scrambled up and really seemed to do little harm, although some smaller branches were twisted a little by the weight. I had to pull away the shabby dying vines, at frost. I am more likely to try one or two vines with the Viburnum plicata 'Mariesii'(if that's correct),this coming Summer.
Generally I keep them to my several trellises but they would dress up the dull Summer appearance of my Forsythias and winterberry.

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If you keep the honeysuckle well pruned, then you shouldn't have too much trouble with any type of substantial shrub. Most honeysuckle vines in the PNW are very vigorous growers and will rapidly produce a dense, tangled vine that in leaf is very heavy. A honeysuckle in my garden that missed pruning one season easily engulfed a large camellia as well as a very mature hardy fuchsia and a nearby containered Japanese maple. The camellia was pretty much unharmed but the weight of the vine pulled over the fuchsia and damaged the top of the maple. I prune the vine back very hard in late winter but it still produces enough growth in a season to be a concern to other nearby plantings.

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Thank you both for sharing your experience w/shrub + honeysuckle.

Sounds like it can hurt the shrub if I can't keep up on honeysuckle vine...

I'm still interested in trying out w/shrub, but I got another idea... I will try planting annual Hyacinth vine to fill up the bare honeysuckle this summer. If it didn't work, then will plant shrub this fall. :)

Thank you for your advices/info!

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