Is it ok to put nuts/seeds in your worm bin?

hoorayfororganicApril 22, 2012

I have avocado pits so I sliced/shaved them up into a bunch of pieces but just want to check.

Since nuts and avocado pits probably contain fats I wasn't sure, since it seems like oils are something to avoid in worm bins, but then again maybe nuts/seeds/avocado pits are ok? (I don't care if they sprout, just want to know if it's ok to feed them to the worms!)

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I have fed ground up avocado seeds to my worms. They are fine in the bin. You really do need to grind them up if you want them to break down.

The problem with fats and oils in small amounts is that can go rancid before they decompose. That will not be a problem with avocado seeds or nuts.

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Minderella(9 Lake County FL)

I read the book Worms eat my garbage and it said you can put meat in there. I thought that was a big NO NO. She also listed alot of other things that I thought shouldn't go in the worm inn.

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Bently tried meatloaf iirc. It's more of the smell and other critters the stuff might bring as it rots as opposed to actually hurting the worms I think. Wouldn't want racoons ripping into your inns. The most I've done is grease soaked pizza box cardboard, no problems.

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I've put the leftovers from cleaned fish and shrimp tails in my indoor worm stack. The only problem I have is if I don't bury them, they will stink a bit.

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Nuts/seeds are fine, I've actually had avocado seeds sprout in the worm bin.
One thing to watch out for if you are putting stale nuts in the bin is the salt content. Best to rinse them off.

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I know this post is rather old, but I have been digging through the archives.... But my question is somewhat relevant to the nuts/seeds comment..

What about the pile of seed shells and stuff underneath a bird feeder? Shells, maybe some seeds, maybe some bird poop.... would these be okay?

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RocksNMud, I say try it and let us know what happens.

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sbryce, I dont have my worms quite yet... but when I get them (two weeks), I will certainly try and report back!

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Worms will eat seeds and nuts... eventually. Anything organic that will decompose is eventually worm food. I have added it with no problems.

Beware that un-sprouted seeds of unknown varieties may haunt you in the future!

Good luck and happy wormin'

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