Round Trellis that covers pole?

jmcnyc(6)January 5, 2014

I have two metal poles, the kind you see in a basement that holds up a beam. They are holding up my porch. I want to have a vine that grows up them and also would like to cover them with something more appealing. I was looking online for a round trellis that could wrap around the pole. However I could find anything. I guess I could use chicken wire or something but I wanted something more attractive. I could also use wood trellis and box it in.

Any ideas on if a round trellis exists? Or other options?

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What about Tree Tubes used to protect young trees? I know French drains often contain a pipe with holes in it...I suspect those pipes would make a decent trellis for the right kind of vine.

Are you handy? If so, you could just bend a piece of metal into a coil around the two poles...I think that would be a fine trellis of for twining vines.

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Thanks - I hadn't thought of tree tubes. That could work. However I like the look of a wooden trellis, was thinking if I could find a round one it would be great.

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They sell faux pillars for Georgian houses. Buy one at Home Depot, cut holes in it and put it around the supports. Or what about cutting holes in barrels and putting them around the pillars?

Here is a link that might be useful: Amazon Cedar Obelisk Trellis

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I like the faux pillar idea - will cover the ugly pole and provide support for the vine. Nice idea!!

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I would get a few dozen corn stalks and some floral wire or jute macrame cord. Tie them together like a raft on the ground and then stand them up and wrap them in a circle around the post at the bottom. Before you tie the top up fill the space with leaves and sticks and pack them in till the bouquet is stable. I have only done this for Halloween. You could try placing bricks or stones in the bottom if you think the vine weight would pull it askew. You can do miracles with floral wire. I have made a Christmas tree using storm downed pine boughs and floral wire.

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Cant find the pic of the pine Christmas tree but here is one made from the leggy branches of a yew bush that a neighbor ripped from his front yard. Select the longest straight branches for the top, medium for the center and the smallest bent ones for the bottom. you will need a lobster pot or bucket for your stand because the resulting bundle of stems will not fit in a regular tree stand. Making a tree from castoff branches is kind of a show-off tradition for me

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I have seen half round trellises designed to cover downspouts. Connecting two of those would surround your lally column. If you do a web search for rainspout or downspout and trellis, lots of links come up to buy or make one.

Wood trellis is difficult for many vines to climb, so if you go that route it may need something such as wire mesh to cling to. Most home improvement stores carry dark green coated wire which is relatively unobtrusive and looks better than chicken wire.

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If you are handy, you can build a round trellis. It would have to be built in two pieces and assembled in place.

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