potted vines?

robcorreiaJanuary 23, 2008

Hi, I need your advice....

I am getting some flowering vines for my patio and I have 2 questions that I just can't figure out just by researching online:

1 - Are there any specific vines that simply will NOT thrive in a pot (even a large one)?

2 - When I get my plants, should I directly plant them in the large pot I want them to grow from, or should they go in a little one first?

Thanks so much!

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liisa_rwc(10b Bay Area CA)

Hi robcorreia,

I can't answer question number one... I'll try to grow anything in a pot :-)

As for number two you should be able to go right into the larger pot. I've never had any trouble with the few vines I have grow in pots.


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Liisa, thanks for the advice! They talk so much about root rot, etc, I thought I could kill a baby vine if the pot was too big....I feel braver now! : )

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As long as the soil is well draining and doesn't remain soggy a large pot should be ok. You worry about the soil in a large container holding too much moisture. I'm like Liisa, I'll try and grow anything in a container.

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