Killing Wisteria

iamfpJanuary 16, 2006

I realize most folks on this forum like Wisteria, but I don't. My neighbors vine has invaded my whole yard, I cant get access to where most of the roots are, so can't dig the suckers up. I cut canes as much as possible, but this seems to promote more growth. How can I positively KILL this pest. I tried Roundup (Put leaves in a plastic bag with roundup solution) acted like a fertilizer.

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The only thing that I have found to do the job is Poison Ivy killer, applied twice a week for about a month.

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OK, many thanks for the info. Will the poison ivy killer go to the roots and kill the whole vine, or will I have to spray indivdual clumps?

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If you pour it on the leaves and around the roots, it will kill the plant in about a week. If you spray it just on the leaves it will take three or more applications, but it will kill the vine also.

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rachel77(7 TX)

I used a brush on stump & vine killer...worked like a charm. Can't stand the stuff, either. Good luck!

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