climbing aster and trumpet vine (campsis)

frances_in_nj(z6 NJ)January 29, 2011

Hi - I have questions about these 2 vines, I wonder if anybody can help me?

1. Climbing aster - is it really hardy in zone 6? And does it bloom successfully in a zone 6 October/November?

2. Are trumpet vines too thuggish for growing on a fence with other climbers, such as roses and clematis?

Thanks for any advice!



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I have no idea about aster but I wouldn't plant a Campsis radicans (Trumpet vine). It's definitely a thug and not only will it choke out your other vines it will spread all over the place. To top it off it's next to impossible to get rid of. You might want to try a Bignonia capreolata (Crossvine). It's similar but not nearly the invasive monster that C. radicans is.

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