Looking for Ultra-fast growing vine for pergola and wire cord.

GnuLoCoJanuary 21, 2013


I'm writing regarding the need for a vine that can grow significantly by summer of '14. My fiancee and I have decided to put a few thousand into our property and have the wedding at home instead of renting a location for the same amount for one night.

One of the ideas floating around was to have a water feature shrouded by a pergola that we would do our vows in front of. Stemmed from that idea was to have wire cord or cable holding up something similar to Christmas lights for ambient lighting that would span across a portion of the yard. On this cable span from the pergola to the corners of the lot would also be vine.

I understand and have read the risks of Kudzu and have contemplated growing it anyway in a raised planter on the top of the pergola as an annual. We are in zone 5b/4a. This would of course be a last resort, the property and vine would be maintained daily and destroyed following the event. HOWEVER, if someone could point me to a vine that can be grown to accomplish what we are looking for in any capacity that would be pruned and tied to this network of lighted cable, I would gladly take the "moral" route. Not to stir the kudzu pot but the wind chill is negative 27 here right as we speak.

The property is heavily shaded for the most part. 60 to 80 foot maple tree canopies. So I would consider it "filtered light". The area were the pergola will be will be more have sun. The soil is very rich and is considered "black earth". Along with your suggestions, for any of these vines would I have to change the soil structure at all? Add vermiculite, etcetera. I'm also willing to ship in older plants to achieve the needed results. I also have a tropical indoor grow room that I can maintain said plants overwinter if zoning is an issue.

I'm open to having a planter or having the vines planted in the ground. I also wanted to ask about Pueraria phaseoloides, the "tropical kudzu". Has anyone ever worked with this before? Chances are zero that this vine would live up here with a low temp threshold of 55 degrees, I'm wondering if it has the same growth rates and characteristics.

Again, any information that you can provide, I would be extremely grateful.

Thanks much!

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I would go with a high-end silk vine display.

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Thanks much for the input! That was an idea we had talked about but decided against. We'd probably go vine free before going fake.

Thanks tho!

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada

I agree with Kay - something artificial is likely your best bet. Alternatively, try houseplant type vines, which might get you greenery but maybe not flowers. In your zone, and in shade, there is little to nothing that would reliably provide you sufficient cover (when is the wedding...?). You really don't need the added stress of plants not cooperating with your schedule! Have you talked to a florist or local greenhouse grower of tropical plants?

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I have a few ideas.

When I think of fast, I think of Silverlace Vine, Fallopia baldschuanica. healthy, vigorous growth easily within a year and will have lots of flowers to boot, but the shade might be a hinderence to it.

Kudzu is far more dramatized than it really is, the only reason I would shy away from it is, again, the shade. Kudzu is only rampent once it gets full sun, high heat, and lots of water.

Conversely, if you want something that kills even kudzu and grows nearly as fast in shade as sun. The Air Potato, Dioscorea bulbifera is a no-nonsense, incredibly easy vine that has huge, beautiful, metallic leaves and with the added bonus of growing bulbis at the leaf axils. These can produce new Air Potato vines, which you can plant just like potato spuds.

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