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SelenaD-ComposterApril 23, 2014

I was scooping through my worm bin to check on things and found a big pile of these little things (see picture). They almost look like little seeds and I am not sure what they are. My worm eggs look like little light brownish beads that are rounded and look like they might pop between my fingers if I squished them. These are not spread out in my bin, just in one corner and they look a little more rough with a clear edge to them (i.e. like a seed, it seems like there are two sides that come together at the edges). Should I be concerned? Anyone see something like this and know what it is? I am tempted to scoop it all out and throw it in a bush.

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It looks to me something similar to wheat?

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Pretty sure it's not wheat. Unless wheat can appear from nowhere and show up buried in a foot deep of worm castings. I'm worried this is some sort of cocoon of another bug. But I just don't know so I have no idea if it could potentially be harmful to my worms. I lost a bunch of worms due to over feeding but have been trying to balance everything out in my bin. All my hard work has finally paid off and I'm no longer having stench or excess of fruit flys and now I have a TON of little baby worms and still plenty more worm cocoons in there. I guess I'm just being overly cautious of these other cocoon looking seed things because I tried so hard to nurture my bin back to health.

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