ruthzJanuary 5, 2011

Pictures of JMG Siun

My camera didn't capture the deep plum color and the flowers seemed to be two different kinds.

The ones like #3 always curled under.

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Hi ruth - all 4 photos look to be from different plants to my eye.

Photo #1 and photo #3 are the closest in similarity , although the bloom in photo #3 looks to possibly be one of the 'blacks' which are really a purple.

Photo #2 looks like the image that is on the front of the Siun packet as offered by Yamato-Noen although the majority of the plants produced from seeds that that come directly from out of the Siun packet produce blooms with dark blue rays.

The bloom in photo #4 looks to be a grey steel blue with some parts of the corolla limb having a de-colored crest and these are sometimes produced as 'sports' of Fuji Musume.

Hope the feedback is of some value.



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Thank you for the feedback Ron.
I believe that pot only had three vines in it.
The majority of the flowers looked more like #3.

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Very nice. I had flowers that looked very much like pics 1 & 2 but I didn't have them labeled. Your bloom in the 4th pic is just gorgeous. I absolutely love the color.

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