worm harvesting burlap manure burrito.

mendopeteApril 20, 2010

I made one today! I used about 3 lbs of very aged horse manure and rolled it up into a burrito after sprinkling over a 2'x3' piece of wet burlap. I put this 6" diameter 18" long log in a 22 gallon finishing tote to trap new juveniles. Next week I will pull it and seed a new wormery. A take off of the onion bag technique.


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My guess is a lot of the worms will want to hang out there. Also reminds me of ideas of harvesting pure vermicastings in a previous hollow place worms like to hang out. So often the worms seem to be just hanging out and not working. Sort of like laizing around digesting after Thansksgiving Dinner. Sort of a segway into harvesting 100% pure vermicastings to harvest because there is an area the worms bring the vermicastings seperate from where the vermicompost is.

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Pete ... great idea! I wonder if an old cotton sock will work as well? I've got a bunch of vermicompost that I assume is full of cocoons, and this method seems perfect, and have no burlap and a ton of old socks. Well, we'll see. Will let you know.

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