Organic Solution to Stink Bugs

alanleverittMay 29, 2012

The last couple of years I have been running a stink bug farm rather than a market garden. I do not want to use chemical pesticide but I had resolved to go to the dark side this year if I could not come up with an organic solution to stink bugs on our tomatoes. I planted 700 heirlooms the week of March 25 and two weeks later began spraying with kaolin clay that I got from Johnny's Seeds. The brand name is Surround. It had received good reviews from several members of this forum last year. I have repeated the spray after rains though they have been few. This weekend I re-tied all 700 plants and saw one stinkbug. In seasons past when I would handle the plants that much, I would find a lot of stink bugs. I found a few corn borer worms and that was it. The tomatoes are large and I am starting to get ripe defective fruit which means I am a week out from getting good fruit. I did however pick several perfect German Giants that were half ripe. Anyway, maybe something else is at work here, I know insects go in cycles sometimes. And maybe its early and a bus load of them will arrive this week. Due to the warm spring, I planted about three weeks before I usually do. But right now, the only thing I am doing differently is Kaolin clay. My field looks like I have 700 white flocked smallish Christmas trees. And no stink bugs.

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Im just replying so you dont think we're ignoring your post... once you said that you planted 700 plants, which is almost 680 more than what I planted... damn :D

Much respect :-)

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