Vonvolvulus (mini morning glory vine)

pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)February 1, 2012

I've always loved to see MG growing along a fence, but we live in a gated Sr. Citizens community where there are no fencing except to keep Non-residents out. I would not want to grow a MG in my flowerbeds because it's runners would take hold and I'd never get rid of it. There is a minature MG vine called Convolvulus and supposed to only grow 18-24 in. I'd love to try one of these in a large container pot on the patio/breezeway. Has anybody had any experience growing this in a container/pot? I would put a small trellis for it to climb on, or make like a teepee effect with rebar or even a tomato cage cut down would work I bet.

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Convolvulus is the genus, not a specific MG variety. There are some mini flowered varieties but I don't know of one that's a mini plant. There's varieties that are more bushy then vining and some of the Japanese varieties I've grown don't get that big. I grow the majority of my MG's in containers and just give them something to climb on. My problem with growing them in a flower bed is that some are such prolific reseeders that it's next to impossible to get rid of them. The vines themselves are soft and easily cut or pulled up and off of other plants.

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You might be referring to "Blue Daze" evolvulus, that is sometimes called miniature morning glory. It's a very pretty plant too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Blue daze pic

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pippi21 -You indicated that you are afraid of Morning Glories because :

"I would not want to grow a MG in my flowerbeds because it's runners would take hold and I'd never get rid of it."

There are literally thousands of different species and very few that spread by underground rhizomes.

Ipomoea tricolor( Heavenly Blue, Blue Star,Flying Saucers, Wedding Bells and Pearly Gates) will rarely successfully resow in your zone...the companies often mis-identify their seeds , so myths get initiated and perpetuated.

I have also added a link to a previous post where I listed species which are rarely (if ever) problematic....the list is by no means complete but a general guide to what you might find...

The species I listed will usually not produce cold hardy perennials if they root by any above ground runners.

I hope you find the info useful.



Here is a link that might be useful: Morning Glories which will not self-sow

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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

Like Karen, I grow most of my MG in pots, have never had any reseed, but I am in a colder zone than you. I also find that mulching the ground with a couple of inches of bark mulch prevents reseeding of most of my plants.

Some pics of various MG I've grown in pots over the past several years.


mt fuji light blue

Mt fuji fushia

early call blue

rose silk

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Below are several commonly available convolvulus species which can live in containers and aren't outrageous reseeders or spreaders. The first one is an annual, and the other two are tender perennials which cannot survive a winter outdoors in your zone. Perhaps one of these is the one you were thinking of.

Convolvulus tricolor "Blue Ensign". This species is available in several other colors as well.

Convolvulus cneorum "Bush Morning Glory"

Convolvulus mauritanicus "Ground Morning Glory"

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You want a climber, but you want a low-growing, non-aggressive one? The person who gave pictures of those smaller-vined, beautiful Japanese Morning Glories probably has found your solution. Also look into the Kikyo's (Google) and Sun Smiles(Google). The latter tends to trail and not vine at all. You can tie them up and make it look like they are climbers, but they won't coil at all.Their flowers are big and plentiful.

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