Wigglers in Garden Box and 5 gal pail

Jim.OApril 2, 2014

I have raised garden boxes and pails with tomato plants; I just put wigglers into the soil. Can I feed them chopped table scraps and keep them healthy and productive? Thank you for any help.

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Is it like a square foot garden on the ground or raised up? Not sure why I ask but just interested. I guess a person could put a few "wigglers" into each but garden worms are maybe what you want. Garden worms live in soil. Red wigglers are compost worms that live in compost. Or more specifically horse poop. Or decaying matter that is above ground level. Did you purchase a pound of worms or gifted or found some in a compost heap? I'm asking questions that will help the next posters answer your questions better. You might consider a few smaller bins possibly ones that stack touching or individual bins. This would give a dedicated area for your vermicomposting operations. That way you could design an environment that meets the specific needs of your little wiggly charges. This would help them do their best work for you. You might now want composting kitchen waste right next to lettuce you intend to harvest. Read a bit more. What bedding might you have a ready supply of. Do corrugated cardboard shreds rain on your patio? Are you cardboard egg carton rich? Do you have a pony?

I am glad you are moving towards growing food. Wigglers and other creatures all want to help. Here we try to help people get the information they need to have these things working for them. Welcome.

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The most natural thing in the world is to put those worms into that environment and provide them with those types of food.

Well, actually it's not natural.....it's a little abnormal because most humans don't feed worms chopped and diced veggie scraps and stuff like that.

That's what we're trying to do here....make wormers out of everyone.


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I have read of people making "worm towers" in their garden beds. Basically it's just a plastic planting pot buried into the garden bed. Usually the top is a little above grade with a lid of scrap wood or whatever. In this is placed some suitable bedding, worms, and kitchen scraps. The worms can go in and out of the tower at their pleasure, but know where dinner is served.

Good luck!

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I did not answer your question.

You can feed your wigglers kitchen scraps to keep them healthy. You should mulch heavy with bedding on top. I would be afraid of drawing unwanted vermin to my garden.

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