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DeniseZone9AFebruary 26, 2013

I originally posted on Gulf Coast Forum but there doesn't seem to be a lot of activity :) so am reposting here in hopes that the vines questions apply. Thanks!

Lafitte LA-So. of N.O. Any help is most appreciated!
Cypress Vine-thinking about growing it in some kind of free (if possible) container and training it up trellis. Any idea how many seeds in what size container? Any idea how long it will take to be about 6" tall by mid-June?
I want to make a room screen with the vines.

Delphiniums-when is best time to plant seeds?

How fast will Carolina Jessamine/Jasmine grow here? Just planted 6 from Lowes. They are abour 18" high now.

When do I trim a Confederate Jamine? This one is about 3-5 years old and not big-i don;t know what is wrong with it? Never been trimmed.

Any suggestions on some type of home mixed flower potting soil that I can make? i need a lot-like 30 large bags of it.

I hate dollar weeds.

Thanks for any help!


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I wish I could help you but I have not ever grown any one of those vining plants. I hope someone can offer advice.

Are you buying plants or growing from seeds?

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Thank you for replying! I am growing from seeds.

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I find using google browser a quick way to get information on growing plants. Here's a page I found on growing Carolina Jasmine from the Floridata web site (see link below).

Here is a link that might be useful: Carolina Jasmine info from Floridata

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