Maybe Dead Wisteria Vines

lnewportFebruary 16, 2010

Hi everyone,

I'm rather new to this section of the GardenWeb Forums so I hope I'm posting in the right area.

Last year my husband and I built an alcove and planted two wisteria plants. Not sure what type they are offhand but here are some pictures.

Anyways we planted them next to the alcove to give them a place to climb and they did rather well there over the summer.

This winter there were a few nights of 30 degrees and below 30 temperature (around 27 degrees) and we didn't protect them.

The reason we didn't was I read that Wisteria was suppose to be hardy to below freezing weather.

However they look rather dead right now. No leaves, vines are dry and brown etc.

This being my first time to plant Wisteria if I mess up I'll try again this year but I'm curious if this is normal and whether they may come back?

Should I cut the Wisteria back right now?

I was really hoping that they will grow big enough to cover my alcove.

Thanks for help!!

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lisa33(6b Bucks County PA)

Wisteria is deciduous, so it is normal for them to lose their leaves and look "dead" at this time of year. Mine look that way and so does my neighbor's huge wisteria. No worries yet!

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Nah - wish it was that easy to kill them! They WILL return!

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