Grape Vines

purovargas(8)February 12, 2012

I need help, I have purchased two grape vines from a local nursery and I have no idea if the ones I have chosen were a good choice or not. I want to train one which is a Concord grape vine to grow on a 4 foot high fence that had a grape vine there that my mother planted years ago and never gave grapes and was just growing wild. It was killed this year by termites, they ate the whole trunk it crumbled in my hand when I grabbed it and they all poured out on my hand. The other is a Black Spanish vine and I want to put it on a trellis which I will build later on. The Black Spanish one has two shoots growing out of one pot and I want to know if I should let them grow together and let them go in two different directions or should I kill one of them? One of them has a pice that is damaged and I don't know what to do to these vines. I am sorry if I am not using the correct terminology as well. Please someone help me out.

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I'm in San Antonio, Texas, Sorry I forgot all about that.

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