when and how to grow Jackson vine

jennyinnc(7)February 1, 2007

Hello to the forum. I am new to the forum and new to gardening, starting this year. I have finally decided to add some "spice" to my house...so, here I am. I have researched what vine to grow around my front window. I have come to the conclusion that jackson vine is what it will be. And being ready to get things going, I have already bought three plants. They are bulbs that have about 3 foot vines already growing from them. And being so new at this, my question is: When do I plant them and how? Do I just dig a hole in the ground and plant them? Can I do it now with it being so cold outside? Should I start them in a container now in my garage and transfer them when it gets warmer? HELP....

ANY and ALL advice is very appreciated.


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You're not being ignored, but I've never heard of a Jackson vine. Maybe someone else?

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I haven't either. Does it have a different name possibly? A great site if you haven't looked is Better Homes and Gardens- www.bhg.com. They have a plant directory and you can type in the name and it will tell you everything you need to know about that plant. I use it quite a bit as I am fairly new and learning.

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Min3 South S.F. Bay CA

In answer to this old post, I have done some research and discovered that the Smilax vine I was given from a very old farm here in N CA is a Smilax smalii or "Jackson briar". It is evergreen, high climbing, and only occasionally has thorns at the bottom of the vine. The flowers are tiny white 'turks' caps". The inch long narrow leaves are pointed, smooth shiny green on top and duller underneath and the vine forms festoons of branches and can cover arbors. It has berries for the birds..
It is sometimes called S lanceoblata or S domingensis
BEES love it and I love it. Min

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