Corn Cobs

equinoxequinoxMay 1, 2011

I have made peace with corn cobs because the worms do seem to like them and the cobs seem to hold a lot of water and they did eventually after a year break down. The ones from last year are well fractured and should be gone in a few months. Procedure for a tiny flow through bin: Dunk in water to remove salt. (Most people probably do not need to do this if they use a normal amount of salt. I use lots of salt.) Break into three pieces by hand... because I am not strong enough to break them into four pieces and did not want to use a knife. That hand crank food grinder would be even better on these. Like lawn grass clippings they seem to start out being a green food and end up being a brown bedding.

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boreal_wormer(Alta Canada)

I don't have the patience to wait so I use a blender on my corn cobs.

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I put them through a meat grinder. The worms love them that way.

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My worms love the cobs. I put them in my bin whole, and they are moved from bin to bin as I harvest until they are finally gone. They are also great to put in pots, as they retain and release moisture as the soil needs...

I love cobs and so do my worms!

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