Angel Trumpet & Trumpet Vine

alohamillion123February 2, 2006

Are these the same thing?

I am also wondering if these are poisonous to poultry and humans.


Stacey =)

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highlandsgardener(Z6 Louisville)

Definitely not the same. Angel trumpet is either a brugmansia or a datura. Trumpet vine is a campsis. Also, the trumpet vine is, well, a vine, while the angel trumpets are more like trees or shrubs. Biggest difference seems to be that people seem to cherish their angel trumpets and look for ways to eliminate the very invasive trumpet vines. Just my opinion. I'm sure the experts can clarify things much better!

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The difference between brugs and daturas is that the daturas flowers point upwards and the brugs flowers hang down. Neither are vines.

Trumpet vine is kind of a "generic" term that can also refer to bignonia as well. They are a tad less invasive than the campsis.


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highlandsgardener(Z6 Louisville)

Susan, you're right about the bignonia (cross vine) being less invasive. Mine are extremely well-behaved here in Z6. Wish I could say the same about the campsis!

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Thanks for clarifying that these are indeed two different things.

With no mention of the toxicity of these plants, I am wondering if anyone has a resource where I could look this answer up at. I am pondering if I would like to plant this near my chicken house where I have chickens, geese, ducks and turkeys. And of course my munchkins are always around too!


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Oops, never mind. I called a seed catalog company and they can provide me with this info. Angel Trumpet is indeed poisonous if ingested in case anyone wonders.

Thanks for the input everyone =)
Stacey =)

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Yes, Stacye. Someone here says it used to be referred to as Jimson Weed. I remember all those old cowboy shows that talked about the poisonous Jimson Weed and trying to keep it away from their cattle.


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fromseed(9b & 10a FL)

Hi, I am new to the Forums...just wanted to add my 2 cents in here...the Brugsmansia (Angel Trumpet) is definately poisonous to humans and animals...but they r beautiful and smell wonderful. You will get many compliments on them.

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njoynit(Z8b Coastal ~secluded)

brugmansia is posionous,but don't mean your critters will mess with it.I grow brugmansias& my pekin ducks don't really bother them,they do eat bugs from under them(& do a good job too!)My SIL chickens don't mess with hers either(can't say that bout her dogs though.....)
I do have a neighbor that has some of the orange trumpet vine growing across back fence of his chicken coop.I guess he has no problems.

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Brugmansia and datura are toxic, in large doses. In smaller doses, they're hallucinogenic. (*grin*) They also taste really, REALLY nasty, and not even goats will take a second bite. (Only stupid humans will.)

Your critters, being significantly smarter, are perfectly safe around them.

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I have an Angel Trumpoet vine. I say that because the plant never exceeds the height of 2 feet, yet spreads out as long as 4 to 5 foot branches along my flower bed. The flowers are white and only bloom at night. They make a large beautiful ground cover for a large flower bed or the side of the house. They are poisoness but none of my animals are interested.

the trumpet vine is beautiful in bloom and attracts hummingbirds all year long. I've never heard of anyone or any animal being poisoned by one. Thank you.

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