Evergreen Wisteria

christie_2007February 11, 2007

I bought an Evergreen Wisteria in October for a new Arbor we built over our patio. My new puppy, who was left in the yard while we were at work began chewing on the branches of my three foot tall (expensive) plant. I started noticing all the leaves falling off and it became quite bare. She managed to chew through each branch. I cut them off so they are now about a foot high and was hoping it would be okay. I figured since it was three foot tall it had been around for a while and the roots might be sturdy. It still hasn't grown any leaves but I am wondering if it is just because we are in winter and maybe it will in spring- even though it doesn't lose its leaves. Any chance it will survive?

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fernaly(z7 AL)

I have this same vine. Actually, I have two of them. They both loose their leaves in the winter. They are only evergreen for those in a warmer climate.

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vanhouttewim(Belgium z-ovl)

could it be a millettia sp. , ' the summer wisteria ' ?This genus is close related to wisteria, and i don't think any of the 5 wisteria species are evergreen. Millettia cannot have any frost. the flowers are very similar too Wisteria too and it's in the same family.


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The tag says Evergreen Wisteria and the gardener at the nursery said it should stay green all year- but if what you say is true about staying green in warmer climates- I live in eastern NC and we have had a few below freezing nights. Do you think it will come back in the spring then? My concern is that it was 3 foot tall and is now about a foot tall. Do they take major 'pruning' well or not?

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bahia(SF Bay Area)

Do the fingernail test to see if there is still green cambium below the bark. If there is, and the stems are still plump and strong and not withered, it should regrow. Evergreen Wisteria, Milletia reticulata is only evergreen in mostly frost free climates, here in northern California it generally stays evergreen unless we get more than a few degrees of frost. It should put out new growth once the temps warm up in spring, but I'd suggest keeping the puppy away from it in the meantime.

I found this to be a shy bloomer in my cool summer climate, and it only bloomed in fall after an unusually hot summer. Lack of summer heat shouldn't be a problem in your neck of the woods! The late summer blooming period and deep purple flowers really make this quite different from the true Wisteria.

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Thank you I will try the fingernail test. The stems are still strong- I keep checking them. She hasn't touched the vine since. :0)

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I am in the Panhandle of FL - Wisteria is a hard one to kill! It sounds as if the plant will come back after its' sock....I am sure the dog has moved on to something new to disrupt...LOL

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The first year I had a wisteria plant, the @##$!#% rabbits gnawed the thing all up. I figured it was a goner, but it came back the next year like gangbusters! I transplanted it last fall and it's still alive. I just hope it grows and covers up our fence with nice blooms someday! :)

I'm sure yours will come back too.

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Xtal(z8b Temple. TX)


Have you seen any aged evergreen wisteria vines to know how well they bloom? I've read that with age, they bloom frequently. I'm debating between an evergreen wisteria or climbing roses over the arbor from my front porch to the gate. I'm wrestling with msyelf over this as the magenta is the color that I want to plant in my front yard. Of course, roses will cover the arbor (with fragrance, too. What do you think? I know it's hard since you haven't seen a picture of my arbor. But, you have a good idea of what I'm referring to.

Thanks for responding.

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I planted an Evergreen Wisteria in the summer of 2007 and it's leaves stayed green all winter of 2007. It bloomed at the end of this August. Then in September and October, 2008 the leaves turned yellow and begin to fall off. What is going on with it? Is it going to die? Please help!!!

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

One of these got planted in a sheltered position at a house near here some years ago. After a few years at most it was gone. I assumed it froze out. Sunset WESTERN GARDEN BOOK (2007, Sunset Publishing, Menlo Park) which does not indicate it for our climate zone rates it "marginal" in hotter climates south of here, says it's "Evergreen in frost-free areas, deciduous elsewhere".

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patsy_b(z8 Tx)

I have one in my garden that is not sheltered at all. It looses its leaves but buds back out in the spring. It is several years old and has really bloomed this summer. It started in mid summer and just stopped a couple of weeks back. It also set seed for the first time this year. I doubt if there will be time for them to ripen but it is neat to see the seed pods. Really pretty but the grasshoppers must think they are tasty as I had to pick them off the blooms every day.

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I am glad i found this thread! Would anyone with seedpods be willing to send me seeds if I send them a SASE? I even have some delonix regia seeds i'd be willing to trade. I know that there is a whole forum for trading seeds, but I thought i'd try here first. I saw this vine at the Woodlands mall in houston, tx but the seedpods are just now forming and not ready for harvest yet. I can't find these seeds anywhere online. If anyone would be willing to send me some if i send them a self-addressed-stamped envelope, I'd be soo appreciative!


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I have one that is 3 yrs old now. I live in North Alabama where we have had an unusual winter(very cold and snowy) I am hoping it will be coming back . It has been so beautiful and hardy. It blooms on a black wrought iron fence . The vines are woody and sturdy and the blooms last a long while. I am hoping to cover my front porch blocking the setting sun from my large front windows. It grows pretty fast, but not like trumpet vine! I love mine. I have not had any pest problems.

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I received one of these for my Birthday today, and I'm really very excited about it!! I have a couple of questions though...

My tag says that it is Evergreen Wisteria, and that it's aka is Wisteria Imperecedero. Is this a spanish name for the plant or is this supposed to indicate the genus and species, etc? I look around and see other names for it that aren't on the tag.

How dry/wet do I need to keep it? It's VERY hot down here in South Texas, and I need to know if I have to keep the soil constantly dry? Also, we have sand here where I live. Can anyone recommend what kinds of things I need to use to amend the soil so it's at it's best for it?


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Wisteria Imperecedero is just the Spanish equivalent of 'evergreen wisteria'. Not a wisteria at all, the botanical name is Millettia reticulata. If you research under that name you should turn up the correct planting and care conditions.

Being native to China and Taiwan, I can't imagine it tolerating significant summer dryness. I'd amend your sandy soil with something to help assist with moisture retention, like compost.

Here is a link that might be useful: growing Millettia reticulata

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