new grape vine to be pruned - no clue what to do!

bensbFebruary 9, 2013

I planted a new grapevine beside the house last year and just let it go. I'd actually like to give it attention this year and get it started right and have no clue how to start. Most of the online resources are helpful for where I hope to be in a year or two, but to get it started have not been as helpful. I'd appreciate any help at all!

I wish I had another zoomed out photo too, but to the immediate right of the vine above is the front corner of the house. I was hoping to go to the appropriate height and run a wire to the left along the side of the house and train the vine to that. I guess I am open to whatever way people think will work best.

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I know very little about growing grapes, however I have1 on my deck and 1 out back in the yard.
The are both doing fine, and have fruit each year, however we call them Cardinal grapes, why ? the cardinals eat them every year
Both are growing up on an object, the deck I ran rope to the top trellis where they are now going across. The vine in the back is wrapping up an old clothes line.
My thoughts are to have them supported

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