English Ivy

lostsoul62(6)February 16, 2014

I'm building a double wooden fence and I would like to cover it with English Ivy and if it grows on the ground too, so much the better. How far apart should I plant the Ivy?

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Lostsoul, which state are you located? English Ivy has been listed as an invasive of concern in several, if you are a Z10 chances are yours is one of them. Google your state + English ivy + invasive and check.

We spent much of last summer removing it from this property, and finally paid a crew to help. Mice, it had mice hiding in it, I'm just glad it wasn't worse. Good news is deer like it and they've been helping nip back any that is returning from missed roots.

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I agree with morz8. English Ivy is a beautiful lush evergreen that seems like a great solution to boring wooden fences, but.... I moved from Kentucky to the Florida Panhandle this winter, so dismayed to find my old enemy, English Ivy, smothering many hundred year old loblolly pines and live oaks. In my perspective, this thing rivals kudzu. In any state I've lived in where rainfall was plentiful, this thing has been planted with gusto since maybe before the 1950's and is still hanging tough, killing everything else in its path. If not an outright invasive, it can be opportunistic enough to become a nightmare for neighbors and future generations.

I believe I will be spending more than one year removing this stuff to save our trees and get on our neighbors' good sides. The people on all sides of me have been here long enough to have removed their share, and now it is my turn and my back and elbows throb just thinking about it.

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If not English Ivy then how about Wisterias?

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Hello! This is the first time i am posting on this site. There is definitely tons of great advice on here. I have an English ivy problem. We bought our house about 6 years ago and we live in PA. The previous owners had a beautiful tiered garden with english ivy covering one side of it. I did not know much about gardening but after a few years i really had no choice but to learn. Unfortunately the garden started looking less attractive each year because i didn't maintain it. Starting last year i really spruced the garden up and learned that i love to garden! Anyway about the ivy! About 2 weeks ago i totally hacked it! It looked so bad. It was just hanging there looking dead. Halfway through ripping it out and cutting it i realized that it was too much work! So many roots and vines. My plan was to cut away the old stuff and plant new ivy. Right now it is a huge eye sore. What i am wondering is if i need to replant some ivy or will it just grow back? I did love the ivy when it looked thick and lush. I am scared that if i re plant ivy then i will have way too much. Please can someone help me!!!!????

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elysianfields(9b CA)

Ivy being cut back hard will soon return with completely fresh coverage. Cutting boosts its vitality. I live in the woods and someone in the 1950s figured it was the best ground cover for the enclave. It can pull down trees, but if maintained it can be manageable. I let it cover the chain link in back and I have a Gardener come and trim once or twice a season. I have a mix of Siberian with large leaves that are green, and glacier ivy which is small leaves and variegated. On wood you may be able to have cobaea which is quite nice if its warm enough.

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