Newbie here! Need help in indoor vines.

Soniabea(6B)February 6, 2013

Hello everyone,
This is my first post, I just joined today =)
I would like to plant in a pot a vine (clematis) inside my house so I can later take it out in the summer.
First I'd like to know if there's another vine you would recommened instead of the clematis but just as pretty?
Also, would it be ookay to plant in a pot inside and then transfer outside? is that how it would work?
Or once I plant inside I have to keep inside?
All suggestions/answers will be appreciated!
Thank you!

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Welcome to GardenWeb!

You could go to a big box store like Lowes and find one you like and that will survive your indoors environment. Read the tag for the plant's light, temperature and moisture requirements and find a match that seems to fit the space where you plan to grow it. Have fun!


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Clematis would be fully hardy outdoors in Zone 6, and would probably grow better there than in a pot. Clematis like their roots to be cool and their tops to be warm/in lots of sun, so they're not really suited to being indoors where the light is low---and if you carry them outside in a pot, their roots will get too warm in the summer.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Hi & welcome to Gardenweb! It will be hard to find a Clematis for sale until it's naturally time to put them in the ground outside, so that may make your decision for you.

Generally, it's harder, and the results are less positive, to try to cheat by getting outdoor perennials going sooner because they are exposed to unnatural conditions, or at least unnaturally-timed conditions. The starting indoors to get a head-start thing is usually for annual plants that may not have time to complete their cycle if started from seed outside later, or who's blooming cycle can be greatly extended by doing so.

Most Clematis don't bloom all summer, many bloom only once for a few weeks. Causing one to start blooming sooner than it would outside likely won't cause it to bloom for a longer period, but could get you another flush of later blooms on some.

Good point above about the roots of Clematis preferring to stay cool.

A morning glory or moonflower vine might benefit much more from being started inside early, happy in a pot as long as it's a big one. That kind of vine will continue blooming indefinitely, until it gets too cold. A Mandevilla would also be OK with being in a hot pot, and bloom for a long time.

There are house plant vines you could enjoy inside all year, if that appeals to you.

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