Double Flow Through

equinoxequinoxMay 26, 2010

With the realization that vermicomposting does not happen as we thought it would, with the material on the bottom being the most composted, but with all the material sans the top layer equally composted but mined of the good stuff.... breath, I will do a Double Flow Through Method. The worms in the second flow through will not have the goodies (I may sneak in wetties like watermellon and cantelope that compost uber quick to add moisture if they start to dry) and thus process the material to a more pretty state. All non juvinile worms found in this material will be put into the first flow through.

Second Times the Charm

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What will you use your castings for?

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Starting seedlings. But I must admit. I have been having so much fun playing around with the worms that my square foot gardening boxes have not been touched yet this year.

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I can relate to that, it's easy to be fascinated to the point of being non-productive. :)

When I get too carried away with thinking of how to get the perfect castings I try to remind myself that the castings are a means to an end. The real objective is to reduce my waste output and to provide my own compost product for the veg garden.

As such, there is some evidence that vermicompost (not totally processed) is better then pure castings as the unprocessed food remaining increases the amount of nutrient available to the plants.

That said though, I am very pleased with my castings though they are still a bit damp and slightly sticky so I would love to find a better way to dry them out a little so they could be sifted easier.

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A few hours sitting on corrigated cardboard maybe.

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