Identify this vine

jmcnyc(6)February 4, 2012

saw this vine today (click link below) - in New Jersey - and would like to identify. I have a concrete wall and looking for a vine of this type. Any ideas?

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Clickable Link:

Click here

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Might be Virginia Creeper. That adheres with little suckers.

Here is a link that might be useful: images

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Thanks Ronnie. After reading about it this vine seems very invasive. Should I look at other choices or is this a good solution to cover a concrete wall? I like the fact that it changes with the seasons and loses its leaves. Any other ideas or is this a good choice?

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Here is a great list of vining options:

Bignonia capreolata
Creeping fig
Tecoma capensis

You will need to each one and see if it will grow well in your area.

This GW link talks about this very topic - please read this thread:

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