newbie .... question

missa7(7/Okla)May 25, 2008

I have some leftover boiled okra, squash, onion, tomato veggie mix .... can the worms have this?

Also, do the veggies have to be fresh or is frozen bagged veggies ok?

The above veggie mix was a frozen bag of said mixed veggies.

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IMHO, I reckon the lil' fellas'd love this frozen combo (well thawed at room temp of course!)

By boiling, then freezing, the onions would present no hassles at all. Raw and fresh, onions might slow 'em down some.
My two cents....


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It was actually frozen first then boiled. It was a store bought frozen bag of mixed okra, squash, tomatoes & onion.


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squeeze(z8 BC)

ANY food waste is fine for worms, no matter the condition, the only thing that's necessary for the worms to take care of it is bacterial decomposition - it's the bacteria and slime they're after, they're not picky vegetarians!!


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