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kayemellAugust 15, 2006

I love to read and collect garden books, but noticed that there's not a lot of activity on the Book Exchange forum, so I am stealing an idea from Beth B. and hosting a Garden Book Lover's RR.

Would you like to refresh your collection of gardening books? A Garden Book Robin would be a great opportunity to pass on some of the books that you have read a number of times, and gain new ones for your library. The books have to be related to gardening -- for example, garden crafts, flower gardening, veggie gardening, landscape design, propagating how-to's, bulbs, houseplants, decorating the garden, historic gardens, botanic gardens around the world - you get the idea.

The USPS has a special "media" rate which is a lower cost than 1st class. It will probably cost around $8 - $10 to mail. (But getting potentially 12 books for $10 is a great bargain!)

If you join the RR, you select books from the box, then replace with the same number that you took.

I will start the Robin with 12 books. As soon as a minimum of 8 people sign up, I'll start the flight geographically. In other words, I live in Southwestern PA, so I will send it to the person closest to me, who will send it to the person closest to them, etc. I will include address labels in the box, and each player selects an address to determine who gets the box next.

Want to play? Post here and e-mail me with your gardenweb name, real name and mailing address.

This will be fun!

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I would love to join!


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Giving this a bump!


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sguanzon(z9 AZ)

I'd be interested! How much postage do you figure that many books would be? I know books are heavy - how much cheaper is it with the media rate, do you know?

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C'mon gals! I know you all have lots of garden books that you'd like to share in return for ones you haven't read... I'm giving this a little bump just to get this RR some more attention!

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beth_b_kodiak(zone 5a)

Kay, my problem is "I never met a book I was able to part with", both my house and my storage shed prove that!!!
OK I really do "want it all" when it comes to books AND plants.

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summerfireflys(z4 wy)

i can play along...i was just going thru my books...i have 4-5 books i can trade...

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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

i would like to be a part of this one as well if there is enough interest.


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I'd like to be a participant in this swap.


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So far we have 7 people (counting me) willing to join:


Since this is a busy time of year (kids back to school, squeezing in that summer vacation you meant to take, Labor Day, etc) I will re-post this RR suggestion in mid September. Or maybe even later in the year when garden chores are less pressing. Thoughts? Ideas?

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