How To Root Var. Golden Chalice Cuttings?

aveo5February 25, 2011

Hi. I have grown the green Golden Chalice plant for years,and gotten its cuttings to root 50% of the time by just sticking them in water, then when root buds appeared, put it in a good light soil mix, and I would get a lot more rooted cuttings. BUT I finally have some 'Variegated Golden Chalice Vine' that I want to get cuttings from. It has been a sickly tiny plant for nearly 5 years. This past winter for some reason it decided to finally grow! I now have 3 large long stems, with a bud at each end!!! This is the first time I will see it flower, I dont even know if it is a different flower or not. BUT the plant is definitely different, and I still have little to take risk with, to loose to cuttings. BUT I have 3 long stems, about 2-3 feet long, with one bloom at the end of each stem. I want to get more plants. BUT my water rooting technique is only 50% reliable.

So...does anyone know how to root this thick woody 'vine' and get a better than 50/50 shot at rooted cuttings? Should I try air layering? How is that done? Or is my water way the way to go? I am so excited to get blooms. The blooms even look variegated! So I think I might get some white on my golden blooms! For some reason it decide to grow, from a sickly 1 foot long stick for over 5 years, to 3 long 2-3 foot long stems with a bloom at the end of each stem, this past winter. I am now waiting for the blooms to open, then once they are gone, I want to get cuttings, but I will only have this one shot at it. I will dig up the plant, and hopefully save it, and move it to a more convenient place, to enjoy it. The green variety is like a weed in my yard, I love it! So I would like to move this one nearer to it. But I need more of it. So...any ideas on rooting cuttings of this plant? Thanks for any help.

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Cup of gold usually is propagated from stem cuttings taken in summer and rooted with bottom heat.

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Well its 'summer' here in south Fla. all year. I can root cuttings all year. But I only have 2 stems to work with,so I cant loose any of it. I am asking HOW to root it. OR do I use my water technique?

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In the early spring, take soft/semi hardwood tip cuttings about 6 inches long, dip in rooting hormone - preferably liquid.

Immediately pot them into a free draining mix.

Water & mist spray well and allow to drain.

Cover with a plastic bag.

Place on bottom heat source eg. hot water heater, heat mat etc., out of direct sunlight.
The cuttings should have roots in 2 weeks or less.
This method has been used successfully for Brug. sanguinea tip cuttings and that's saying something, because these are difficult to root.

If you take the Solandra cuttings off the top of the plant with a tiny flower bud attached, the cutting won't always abort them and can hold onto them, in a state of suspended animation, until the cutting forms roots, at which point bud development proceeds as normal.

Hope this works for you! Be sure to email me and let me know how it goes.

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I root the variegated Chalice same as the standard, just stick a cutting in soil at any time during the warm months (I'm in zone 7). I get pretty much 100% success and I don't bother with rooting hormones or bottom heat. I find them one of the easiest plants to propagate from cuttings.

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I am trying to root two GC vine cuttings. One in Peat/Vermiculite and one in the ground. The one in the ground, Do I make sure it's moist all the time? Should I worried that most leaves have fallen off?


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You want to keep it moist but not wet while it's rooting. You should actually have removed all the large leaves before rooting it. As long as the tip(s) look ok it should be fine. Keep it out of direct sun while it's rooting. It should develop roots within a month.

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I did remove all the large leaves when I planted it. But now there are no leaves, no tips on the one in the ground. My other in the pot is rooting and getting new growth.

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You can scratch the bark to see if your inground cutting is still alive or just wait and see what happens. Are you going to transfer the potted cutting to the garden? In your climate it should get big in no time. It's such a beautiful plant in bloom, especially in the frost free climates where it gets huge.

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