Cold damaged Confederate jasmine

bkay2000(8a TX)February 20, 2014

My confederate jasmine has brown leaves, all over. We have had a really cold winter, including an early ice storm. One of the lattices full of the jasmine broke in the ice storm.

I have to remove the lattice this week. I'd like to save the jasmine if I can. Is it dead? If it comes back, will it come back from the bottom, or will it replace the leaves on some of the existing vines? (I have other jasmine that did not fall and it looks the same.) Extricating some large part of it from the lattice seems impossible. If I could save an extra 6" or a foot, would that help?


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No, it most likely isn't dead. It will leaf out on the existing limbs. If the lattice is broken, take a saw and cut the wood, don't cut the plant. The lattice is probably no good anyway - saw it into pieces so that you can remove it from the vine.

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