My worms are crawling.

sbryce_gwMay 20, 2009

My worms are crawling. I think someone posted here recently about cardboard that may have been treated with pesticides or other chemicals. That is the only thing I can think of that could be making my worms want to crawl. I have removed all of the bedding that contains the suspect cardboard. I live in an apartment, and I cannot run my shredder this late at night, so I will have to hope my worms stay put until morning. They can escape below whatever has them annoyed, so maybe if I keep a light on, they will be OK.

I've gone through this before, but last time it was overfeeding with food that had gone anaerobic.

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I had a mass crawloff a couple years ago when the bedding got too dry. It was terrible. I had my bin on the back porch and I was sick and didn't notice the bedding getting too dry. So my little guys started fleeing out onto the concrete porch trying to make it to the yard, but it was too far for some of them. I found all their little dried up carcases stuck to the porch several months later when I was well again. There were only a handful of them left in the bin by that time. Don't worry, even if you lose a few of them, they are frisky little folks and will repopulate real fast. Cheryl

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First keep a light on above them. Give something good to eat right away. some banana mush or even some canned pumpkin. Don't use pumpkin pie mix. Just pumpkin in a can. Keep them busy eating until things settle out.Most pesticides will not cause your worms any harm.I spray the outside of my wooden bins each spring with termite poison and never had a problem with it harming the worms

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