yay!! my first cocoon!!...but it's the wrong kind?

vermicomposterchildMay 1, 2008

I saw my first coccoon today in one of my two vermicomposters. These worms were given to me by a lady in town who I found through freecycle. She said they were "red wigglers" but couldn't confirm they were eisenia foetida. So today I saw a cocoon and it was red, the same color as teh worms, and looked just like a fat, round, red worm with a little pointy end...the size of a big drop of water. I thought that the cocoons for eisenia foetida were green and looked like kernels of corn.

Any ideas on what I've got, and how well-suited they are for worm bins sustained with kitchen scraps?


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wfike(8, Atlanta, Ga.)

when they are first formed they are red and turn toward yellow with age. sounds like efs to me.

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squeeze(z8 BC)
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