Help!!!! I think my tomato plant is dying!!!

Tiffy6128May 29, 2012

Okay so I am new to plant growing, but I always love helping my grandma with her garden so for my birthday she gave a little guy from off one of her plants...everything was going well, It started outgrowing the container she gave it to me in so I decided to transplant into a bigger pot. That all went fine and it was good for about 1 or 2 weeks and then I noticed there were these kinda like shrivled looking spots on the leaves kind of transparent they are perfect little round spots...well I didn't think much of it cus I looked up what blight looks like and this isn't it...but then the leaf tips turned slightly yellow and then shrivled up, some died.I made sure to take all the ones that died off because thats what most sites said to do...but Now the whole plant is drooping and I am at a lost as what to do I am not under or over watering I keep it at a window where it gets a good amount of sunlight ever day. If anyone could help me it would be much appreciated :)

p.s. I live in alaska so putting it outdoors is not an option :P

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What kind of pot did you put it in?

It needs one that drains ok

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LIttle round transparent like spots are often a reaction to the enviornment, ie: sun, wind. Is there any possibility that strong sun is being magnified by a glass window?

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Growing indoors is a huge job. There are so many variables to consider.

First, the water that comes out of the tap is chlorinated, and it has a good bit of flouride, depending on where you live. Chlorine will evaporate out of the water, if you leave the water in a pitcher open to the air for a day or so.

temperature and humidity are a big issue too, tomatoes like it warm, top production happens at 85 degrees, and they like some humidity. Also, for pollination, the plants need wind to shake the pollen loose in the flowers that they set, you can use a fan or give the plant a shake every day.

that is a picture of chlorine damage in my indoor grown tomato

Here is a link that might be useful: My Garden

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